U.S. Readying Sanctions Against Putin 'Cronies'

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Top diplomats from Ukraine and Russia will meet today for the first time since clashes erupted in Ukraine’s restive east, accompanied by U.S. and European Union counterparts poised to impose new sanctions if talks fail. Peter Cook reports on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This weekend?

I think the feeling we get from bc is that more is on the way, particularly as geneva plays out the same way everyone expects, with no clear breakthrough in the crisis in the ukraine and the message we have gotten from the white house and the state department, and the treasury department is that things are tied up right now, to once again go after cronies and those close to vladimir putin, people who are part of the industry there, and the idea of sex oral sanctions, on higher industries in russia, those are still being held out there, as a final stick, if you will.

Those are out there as well and the white house believes they would have an impact on the russian economy, whether or not they would have an impact on vladimir putin, that is another matter.

Is there concern that the sanctions would have an impact on the european economy?

There are more concerns in europe, that there are more prizes in store for them, as they go along with the sanctions.

There was a meeting in the european union, that the sanctions were listed and countries were allowed to look at these lists of possible options on the table and what the likely impact would be on russia and what the likely reprisals would be, and there are -- there is the idea that a bigger stick needs to be held out there, and individual countries are reticent about this because it may hurt them more than other countries in the european union.

Not every country should do this the same way, and not every country has the same relationship.

Some say that the promise he starts at home.

Your book last year, really emphasize get your house in order before you project internationally, here we are.

Is the house in better order now, what we can do better against the ukraine?

The short answer is, no.

The fundamentals are still on in terms of the economy.

And u.s. growth rates are relatively somewhat better than europe, japan or whatever.

But with sanctions, what is so interesting is that this is pretty much a catch-22. to her russia they have to be somewhat integrated.

We can hurt russia but there will be some blowback and the pain on them is much better than the pain on us.

Would you do something this weekend?

And what would you do?

Right now, you only sanction the 17th largest bank in russia, why not number 10 or number five or name a few more individuals?

Why not put together a list of the offenders?

We could say, this is what is going to happen if you don't change.

Does this exist?

This does not exist.

Is there a tipping point where the old army around putin decides that they are -- it is good to reduce support?

-- the oligarchy around putin decides they are going to reduce support?

They could say at home -- you are reducing that.

He has the strength in his hand at home and does not want to go the way of yanokovukovych.

If he discovers this, you will find a new reasonableness from putin.

His approval ratings have never been higher but if he loses the control of the oligarchy, we have to wait and see.

We go to adam johnson -- we go to the 7:30 moment, s&p futures are down but only small, they have come off of the low and the 10 year is hanging steady.

The euro, hanging steady at

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