Will Twitter Ever Be Allowed Into China?

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson reports on how China’s rules on social media compare to usage in the rest of Asia on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The lack of people using twitter in asia.

Twitter is banned in china.

It really takes away any possibility in that market next door that market.

That is the whole thing about a social network.

The notion of network effects is so important.

It is important for a new york stock exchange and ebay.

There is a parallelthat is the whole thing about a social alternative that happens in china where the government works hard they want to encourage this and make it difficult for them to do business in that country.

They want to encourage his -- encourage one of of.

It is interesting to compare the number of users twitter has.

It shows you yes, there is this opportunity.

At the same time, there are also doubts about twitter's growth and potential.

Let's bring out some of the users.

What's at, brought by faith -- bought by facebook.

We chat, 272 million users.

Twitter coming in in last place.

Remember in their annual report, they said international growth would be the one day, if they in lastfailed to his band internationally, it would harm potential.

Class we look at the numbers, they are filed to go public.

The numbers are half that of twitter even though they are in one country only.

You look in places where twitter is not growing, and china have the perfect opportunity for twitter and facebook.

It is a country that does not want their citizens to say whatever they want to say to each other and and them to the quake -- the great firewall of china.

I think it has changed the notion of social media.

U.s. investors have decided as they make decisions whether to invest in alibaba and understand the rules are very different for those securities.

Just as the users are banned, owners of those securities are prohibited from enacting the same isa confessions.

You cannot deny however that there there -- there is a huge growth among the companies given a lot of factors.

That potential growth is what has gotten u.s. investors salivating over the ipo from ali baba.

People are becoming more familiar.

When i talk to people there in hong kong, yes, a very populous is just figure and businessman, but henson was a company mentioned almost in the same breath, much more low-key.

Also considered equally as big a visionary with his company.

He made interesting moves a very populous rivaling alibaba.

He has the we chat messaging service area some people are saying, it is not just alibaba but all of them are trying to break in to the new markets and are all looking very similar.

Yes, they have always got

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