Will a 'Fast and Furious' Starring Snails Sell?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman looks at the latest animation film from DreamWorks and reports on the company's push into television. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Character is small but the budget is big.

It is reportedly $135 million.

It is a chance to start a new franchise on netflix.

Jon erlichman went to dreamworks for a closer look.

Remarks shares have been under pressure this week on concerns about how the film were due at the box office this weekend.

I had a chance to speak with jeffrey katzenberg off-camera at the sun valley media conference last week.

He acknowledged it is always tough during the summer box office but this story is not just about the weekend box office.

It is a long-term bet by dreamworks tied to smells.

-- snails.

My name is turbo.

"turbo"tell the story of a snai thatl dreams big.

I was racing obsessively on an old tv obsessively in the garage, draining one day of being in the indy 500. the director dreams big, too.

It started 10 years ago with a competition that trimmer tat.

Dram march hosts competitions to pitch stories.

Snail pitch was a hit but was not until 2.5 years ago he got to make the movie.

So far, the hottest and americans have been based on proven characters.

"monster is university" and it " the troubled me2." this will appear to that -- appeal to the fast car crowd, i had mario andretti drive me around the track.

That experience of dealing with that is like gave me a sense of where we wanted to bring this cinematically.

The film will setup a "turbo" tv show coming to netflix in september.

If this is part of a plan to boost tv production revenue to $200 million by 2015. netflix has become such a popular way to watch television.

My kids spend the bulk of their time watching netflix.

Tree march hopes kids will spend some time at the theater watching "turbo." aren't you just a little ray of sunshine?

He seems like an s endearing kind likenail.

For a director, there's a lot of pressure when you introduce new characters.

How did they approach that?

There is a lot of pressure but if you are the director and the creator, they say it comes down to story and that is true.

What you are trying to do is find a story that people young and old will like and go to the theater and be excited about.

The word of mouth might spread.

Then tied into that story about netflix, if people like these characters, then maybe they will be more engaged when you start to see more of these characters showing up in netflix later this year.

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