Will There Be a Brain Drain After Twitter's IPO?

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Qualtris CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Smith discusses Twitter's IPO and the company's product with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


Brain drain is a big issue for companies.

A lot of people hanging around for the ipo.

Often they leave afterwards?

I do not think it is a twitter-exclusive problem.

It is something that happens with any hypergrowth company.

Someone isn't happy where there is something going on and they go to lunch and come back with a new job.

Or is a lot of data around this problem and you need to get ahead of it.

In reality, you cannot control how people think.

You can only control the environment around them.

Transparency is a good way to start.

You are in the data business.

You do corporate surveys.

What kind of data do you see?

Is a pricing thing is we're not seeing enough of it.

As part of our business, we are helping our customers focus on the customer side.

They are metric their business around the customers.

-- they are metricing their business around the customers.

Organizations are not gathered enough data around employee engagement.

It has been this long hard process that happen once a year primarily, and that does not work.

Designing a survey can be difficult.

You have just the right questions.

How does your business work?

We developed an online survey platform where individuals can create any sort of instrument or assessment.

They can send it out and gather feedback in real-time.

We think about the world pretty simply, around customer insights, market insights, and employee insights.

And we have got over 5000 organizations worldwide that are able to basically collect data and be right.

Give me an example of a place where that would work?

Crate and barrel just launched a review on our life form.

They were a berlin -- able to survey in a cheaper, faster, and better way.

Employee insurance plans -- that is something we did internally.

The insights there were super monumental for us making changes going forward.

We are not assuming what people want.

A company could be going in one way and you do the survey and find they should go a different way?

We had a lot of questions about what to do with our insurance platform that we were providing to our employees.

It was clear that this was a hot one for our employees.

We gathered the data and made a change.

It was favorable for them.

And terms of market focus and customer focus stuff come a where do you see surveys having the greatest impact?

Those are to do very separate things.

Around the customer side, it is critical that we find out as early as possible how a customer feels and whether the engagement was positive or negative.

You want to see how likely someone is to recommend your business to someone else.

Viral growth is a huge thing.

A recommendation from one customer to another is super impact full.

Companies are trying to get ahead of that.

From a market standpoint, what companies do not know -- there is a lot of data they do not have.

The most important data is what you do not have.

We are helping companies, when there is a problem in the boardroom room or in their business, they can qualtrics it and get the data and make it right.


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