Will the Minions Be Taking Home an Oscar?

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Illumination Entertainment Founder and CEO Chris Meledandri discusses the state of animated film making on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Duopoly as far as feature-length animation.

You had pixar and dreamworks.

You guys have broken through.

How does it feel to be a part of that upper echelon at the top of mount olympus?

It feels fantastic, especially today.

It is the day which, needless to say, fills me with pride.

For the entire team.

From the directors to my fellow producer.

It is an extraordinary day.

It is great company to join.

I want ask you a question.

One of the interesting things about your company and the work you do is that there is a connection back to france.

Is that correct?

Can you tell us about that relationship?


Our films are made between los angeles and paris.

And the genesis of that is when i started the company, about 6.5 years ago, the competition for artists in the united states was so fierce that i could not gather a level of world-class artists and attract them to my company.

I had to look elsewhere.

France has this magnificent tradition of animation.

We ended up making the first film in france.

We have made every film since then in france.

We have now acquired the small company that we were working with.

They are now elimination -- illumination mcguff.

Jon erlichman -- awards are great and they are exciting.

Behind the scenes, this is an absolutely tough business.

To look at what has happened with "despicable me 2," the budget was under $100 million.

It has generated more than $935 million in the global box office.

Explain to us.

What is the recipe and how do you make a profitable movie?

When i had -- i have been at 20th century fox prior to forming a limitation with nbc universal.

We have had good success with the ice age films and a number of other films as well.

The premise when i started this company was to make films for a reasonable budget.

A budget that would allow us to exercise more creative freedom.

With a crowded marketplace, my premise was that we would have to embrace risk in order to break through the clutter of all of the other movies that would be released.

That is approximately how many films are released each year.

The idea that a contained economic model would allow for creative freedom with a thesis.

It turned out that the thesis was true.

For example, "despicable me" is not your typical animated film.

Your protagonist is a nasty villain.

To make a film called "despicable me" that is animated for a family audience is an unusual and somewhat subversive choice.

Fortunately, really, because of the talents of the individuals who work with me, my writers and directors sent the 400 artists and production personnel, the thesis was proven true.

You mentioned other movies.

What other movies out there argue looking at?

What are your favorites?

I think that there are a lot of good works being done.

At a time when people frequently complain about whether or not hollywood is taking enough chances.

I look at the range of films this year and i see a lot of films that really, there is extraordinary work.

It is a strong crop of films in our own category.

To be side-by-side with others is a great honor.

To anyone who has thought about being animation, they would cherish that.

I look across live-action film and i see great work in films ranging from "american hostile" to "12 years a slave" to "gravity." this is extraordinary filmmaking.

We need risky and extraordinary filmmaking that pushes the boundaries of safety.

In order to compete with all of the other platforms and forms of media that are also trying to attract the same i've also we are.

I am gratified to see so many filmmakers and studios and independent companies really pushing themselves to take risks and make exciting films.

Founder and ceo of it eliminates an entertainment, congratulations on your nomination.

Thank you for joining us today.

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