Will the Average Person Want Google Glass?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Suntrust's Managing Director Robert Peck and Bloomberg's Brian Womack discusses the future and desirability of Google Glass with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

First of all, does the average person really want these?

There's a lot of complaints about the devices being invasive , and it is kind of different to where wearable technology on your wrist and on your face.

It's a different experience.


I have to admit, there's a lot of interest in it.

You talk to the average person, they want to try out this new gadget and see what it is like.

That's different from saying you want to buy it and use it long- term, but there is definitely an eye candy kind of thing -- no pun intended -- that they want to try this out.

We will see over the longer term if this works.

There's a lot of questions around if we want this device stuck to our had all the time.

Some folks who have tried it out have said, "i don't think so," or "maybe it is just not ready yet." hold that thought because i want to bring in our guest.

Bob, you are with suntrust.

You have a buy rating on google.

What does google glass mean to google's bottom line?

What do you think of a great -- whether you think it is a great piece of hardware or you do not like it at all, it is a prototype.

Think of gordon gekko on the beach making that call.

This is what it is.

What we try and do is think about where this can be in three years, four years, five years.

I think it will be much more seamless and much less noticeable.

We think the difference, much -- not much of the hardware, but the seamlessness.

You keep your first-person perspective.

I heard what you said.

This is the first round.

This is beta, but what about what we were just discussing?

How invasive is this to actually have it on your face?

Right now, it is new technology.

People do want to take a step back and wonder if they are being recorded.

Quite honestly, most people have embraced the technology.

They find it very cool and very interesting.

It's the first layer of augmented reality.

It seems like this product is going to be available to the rest of the market before years end.

What kind of apps might be available on it?

Already, there are a lot of apps, which is a key part of the platform, can it get these new tools that will make it more widely interesting to a lot of people?

Already, facebook, twitter, key social sites rolling out little, tiny, entry-level apps.

Obviously, it will need a lot more if it is going to see the adoption like an iphone or android smartphones.

You do have the glasses, so go ahead and put them on.

You have to model them.

It's part of the rule.

As far as some of google's other businesses, how it compares to some of their growth areas, how do you see it stacking up to what they are doing in biotech and nano tech?

Our research uncovered a couple of cheap, preeminent thought leaders in bioengineering, nano, stealth engineering.

Basically that means they are working on the next level of computers, and you can digest things like cancer chemicals, be able to communicate with things like commuters -- computers, cell phones.

There's a whole new level the cisco puts at about $14 trillion market size.

All of this is cool, fun, interesting.

What about google's core business?

Is all of this a distraction?

Google, the one thing they are all about -- data.

This is just more they can know about you, can serve you a better ad.

I'm glad you brought that point up.

I want to toss it back to you . how creepy is this with privacy concerns?

How much more information can these big companies have about us?

Google cannot get enough data . that is part of what it does, and that does bring up a lot of questions about privacy, about intrusion.

There have been questions from capitol hill itself asking what google glass really means.

So far, there are just a lot of questions out there and not a lot of answers, necessarily, on how this all will play out because this is a really new technology.

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