Will the AT&T, DirecTV Deal Go Through?

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June 24 (Bloomberg) -- AT&T is making its case before Congress that its $48.5 billion takeover of satellite-TV provider DirecTV will lower prices. Alex Sherman reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are joined now with more.

What are the chances the deal does not go through for at&t? ? good there is it will go through.

It is the most likely to go through.

We have parties in the time warner comcast.

Regulators are looking at that.

We macy's rent and t-mobile this year.

That is the hardest sell because these companies directly compete with each other in the same industry.

On five percent of the country together.

There are -- there is overlap.

Directv is largely a a tv company so you are for the most are putting two companies together a do not compete with each other.

What kinds of concessions might we see?

One thing we have not been in any of the initial comment that have come out, or even in the merger statement that is come out, what will they do in the regions of the country where we have and could have directv?

Chances are, regulators will not look kindly on this company owning two forms of a tv in the same market area they could price things theoretically.

We will see, will regulators take a stand and day, we're ok with the deal but we have got to something about the heart of the country.

Maybe, you even need to pull television and make it a broadband for that region of the country.

It will be good for us and lower our those.

That is contingent on whether at&t will get competing deals.

Is that realistic?

At&t, and said they will get better deals.

Even 20% cost energies involved in doing the deal.

At&t was linked to the deal.

If you are like the cable tv guys who have an around for decades, you have gotten good deals.

Then directv and dish came around but they had been around for 20 years.

At&t universe has only been around for 10 years.

This deal will allow at&t to pay lower rates and theoretically could pass around those cost savings to subscribers and that will be the case they make.

I will believe it when i see it.

I appreciate your up date.

Staying in media, the supreme court may rule this week on the

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