Will Seaworld Earnings Make a Splash?

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Macquarie Analyst Timothy Nollen, Trading Advantage's Alan Knuckman and Bloomberg's Cristina Alesci preview Seaworld's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Investors pause.

A documentary explores killer whales in captivity.

Specifically the 1,200 lbs.

Or cry that killed three people.

-- the 1,200 lbs.

Orca that killed three people.

What are people saying about this?

Gregg's there is always a risk when a movie like this hits theaters.

The movie opens on july 19th.

If it has an impact on the open, we will see it on this one.

-- we will not see it on this one.

So far, investors love this stock.

That has clearly helped blackstone, which bought the company in 2009. the company still owns about 62% of its stock.

The other companies will focus on florida.

An increase in tourism and not part of the country has helped see world overall.

The company will probably have to continue to spend on attractions, like antarctic akamai empire of the penguin.

It is the company's largest expansion ever.

It opened may 24th, and given the expense, it looks really expensive.

How much did they spend it?

That is not publicly disclosed, and i'm sure that's not a mistake.

Many analysts have a good read on how much has been spent.

It is not a cheap exhibit.

Tim, do you have a quick estimate?

I cannot remember the number.

I know the company has been very cautious about the guidance it has given in terms of what to expect in revenue growth in the quarter because of it.

What do you think of blackstone and its affect on -- what do you think of the documentary and its effect on a tenant?

Is there a concern about animal rights?

It is possible.

And there is headline risk about which something like that certainly does bring, and then the reality of whether it affect attendance.

I do not think there are actual issues with attendance.

Because the movie just so recently came out.

I have seen that there have been some cheaper admission prices being offered in orlando.

I don't know how much that might be related to the film.

In reality, i think it remains to be seen.

Most investors aren't -- are not concerned.

Correct -- the stock has a pretty solid level of support.

The simple way to look at this for a long-term bullish position is to buy the shares, but also to purchase them put.

A december 30th.

It's going to cost you at about $2.50. and looking at the chart , they have been between 2.39 and two 0.40 -- $2.40. if you look at six flags for it has almost the same pattern.

The aside from price and how expensive it may be for and arctic cat, what else are people saying about this news play -- a new display?

Analysts and investors are going to ask them how this display will be driving attendance going forward.

The company is playing off of the idea that the economy is recovering.

And investors backing this stock will play on the idea of theme- park in general.

Regional parks have seen a big bump up, thanks to that trend.

With all theme parks, capex is always a big question, because you have to generate new and better right all the time to keep people coming.

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