Will Russia Grant Asylum to Snowden?

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- New America Foundation's Tara Maller discusses whether or not Russia will grant asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television' "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Russian president vladimir putin says an unwelcome present from the united states, reminding everyone russia did not invite the fugitive u.s. security contractor into their country and he also said the u.s. has essentially blocked further travel by snowden and has boot all other countries.

No one wants to take him.

Putin says snowden does not want to stay in russia permanently.

When asked with -- where snowden would go, he said, how would i know?

It is his life.

Snowden may have another card to play.

Glenn says snowden has the nsa instruction manual and he took the documents with him so he could truth is case that he deserves asylum.

He made a second pass at asylum in russia and he said he made a moral decision and not a financial one.

And that he has no regrets.

To prevent crimes against peace and humanity.

I did what i believed right and began a campaign to address what i would miss.

I did not seek to enrich myself i did not the to sell u.s. secrets for more on this case, i am joined by a former analyst.

Welcome back.

Good to see you again.

What factors is russia weighing?

Peace and humanity.

What might be holding them back at this point?

There are a few fact there's. russia needs to be concerned on relations for a variety of issues.

Obama has already smoke in -- spoken to putin.

He is in the airport in russia but he is not actually in russia itself.

He has not actually entered russian territory.

He is looking to other countries like latin america and that is a more likely scenario in terms of where he may end up.

Snowden may have more information that could damage the u.s. government?

I do not think he is doing good to himself by using this as a tactic.

It is making people more angry . i do not think saying you have encrypted files encased -- in case something happens to youwhat might be is a good tactic to take.

How damaging has he been to the u.s. security complex?

Did the terrorists already know?

He has been damaging in a few ways and not in other ways.

I haven't -- i'm not sure we have seen this have negative implications.

Acting against the u.s. government, they are taking u.s. -- taking measures all- time they are aware people are trying to follow them and listen to them.

On the other hand, this creates a public relations problem for the united states in terms of the information that has gotten out and the domestic public having problems with the program, the international community.

Again, this is not to say these are necessarily legitimate problems.

Everybody knows intelligence operations have been underway for as long as we can remember.

That is the nature of intelligence.

Some of this should not be a secret.

There definitely is a pr problem here.

Will these spark privacy legislation in the united states.

Specially with people being concerned about computer programs and e-mail programs is possible possible we might see new legislation come into place.

Especially as the public react more strongly.

What is the ripple effect in terms of security measures?

Are we going to see more tightening now?

After 9/11, we saw a huge wrapping up of security infrastructure and a tremendous amount of hiring in government and contracting sphere.

I think the number for contractors is a half a million type -- contractors, and over 3.5 million people holding that level clearance.

You might see more difficult standards and a more clamping down on the number of contractors allowed to have access.

You might also see changes in security regulations in terms of who can hold clearance and what information they are able to access.

Let's talk about the department of homeland security, jen stepping down to become the president university of california.

Who might replace her?

You can look to people in government currently.

Then you have people from the security establishment itself like the deputy secretary and former security people like richard, and then you have people on the law enforcement side of things.

You also have people like an nypd commissioner's name being floated.

You have people with more of a law enforcement background being floated.

There are different areas he can tap from and it is interesting.

Homeland security is a new position so obama has flexibility in terms of the type of background he wants in that role.

He has only had three secretaries in that role.

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