Will Russia Face Sanctions Over Ukraine?

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March. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath and Peter Cook discuss risks and costs of Vladimir Putin. They speak with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The president to rein in his counterpart, vladimir putin.

They are not great but he has options.

Military is off the table.

They are offering and offramp -- president clinton and offramp -- they are offering president putin an offramp.

John kerry in his tour on sunday talk shows mentioning and highlighting there will be more pain to come unless he backs down.

He will lose the glow that came out of the olympics.

He may not remain in the g8 if this continues.

American business may pull back.

There may be a further total of the ruble.

A jesus christ day.

-- a very bad day.

Then there is the offramp, the motivation to president clinton to change his mind paragraph -- that is the pretexts he has used so far during this action.

Maybe he will back down.

He did not close the door on that according to senior officials.

I went i -- i read one disturbing detail.

Chancellor angela merkel said to obama that putin is out of reality.

I think he is rational.

He operates in a zero-sum world, which most of the rest of the world has moved on from.

I do not think any of the measures peter just laid out will move him.

I do not see an effective course.

He cares more about it than we do by a lot.

Historically, these economic -- half i do not see the european union agreed to embargo 30% of their gas supplies.

The europeans do a lot of trade with russians.

Litan work?

Class i do not see us coercing him out of this.

He will not suddenly have a revelation and say he made a mistake.

I think he may go with some diplomatic settlement.

I think it would be very provocative for russians out right.

They may be able to get something in between an autonomous entity.

There is a little part.

If russians did invade georgia.

It is really run by russia.

I just want to pick up on what richard was talking about get his take on whether or not food will be satisfied -- whether or not putin will be satisfied.

They have got units right over the board and are having exercises.

They go to other parts of these are ukraine.

Does that not change his dynamic substantially?

That would.

The russians have forces there already.

What you're talking about is bringing in new forces through eastern ukraine from russia.

That would be an act of war.

There is no other land bridge except the one through ukraine.

What the secretary kerry hope to accomplish their?

Class get a really nice photo off with you -- the leaders of ukraine to show u.s. support for them.

We are also talking about a financial role for the united states.

With has secretary lou talk about it.

This is the most of -- most immediate short-term health the united states can provide.

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