Will Peugeot's 308 Be as Popular as the `206?'

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Tom Gibson takes a look at Peugeot's history through its cars on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

We take a look at peugeot's history through its cars.

It is credited as the model that changed the image to fun hatchback.

It one car of the year in 1984. the image boost helped them ship 5.3 million, cementing its place in history as a cold icon.

-- cold icon.

It is still peugeot's best- selling car of all time.

It has not all been good news.

Share price limited in 2011 -- plummeted in 2011. with cost-cutting measures on the way, the shares started climbing.

It is worth noting shares are up by 75% in the last year, but since june, 2011, they are down 58% since their peak in june 2007. 2012 was a difficult year.

Analysts describe 2011 as

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