Will NYC Get Its First Bitcoin ATM in 2014?

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) – Izea Founder & CEO Ted Murphy discusses his predictions for 2014. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's “In the Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Number one is about bitcoin.

We wrapped up the series on 12 days of it going.

You think next year new york city will have its first bitcoin atm.


Bitcoin is huge and there are opportunities for entrepreneurs to get into the space.

You will see the first bitcoin atm in new york city.

The first one in vancouver did one million dollars in transactions in the first month.

People are accumulating bitcoins , but there is no easy way to get the money back out.

There are so many financial transactions happening, it is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur.

This is also because you mine bitcoin.

I do.

I have a rig at home.

I am basically cracking code all day long.

I am accumulating bitcoins and i think they will continue to appreciate in value.

There is a huge opportunity.

Have you made money on bitcoin so far?

I have, i have.

How much?

Can you say?

I do not like to talk about the exact number.

It is still relatively small, but this is about the longer- term view.

You have a currency that is finite.

You have more and more retailers that are accepting bitcoin.

You have overstock.com, which just made their big announcement about being able to accept bitcoin next year.

I think you'll see more people getting on board, looking to take advantage of opportunities with bitcoin.

You have other predictions that i want to get through.

This is interesting -- cable operators and companies like dish will go to have a card -- a® la carte programming.

This one i thought was interesting -- the last two predictions.

Display ads, but clicks, you expect them to reach an all-time low, and there has been so much content that this is already happening.

There is too much display advertising and major publishers are having a difficult time monetizing it does the market is flooded.

There is too much of it.

More are going to social sponsorships, what is being called native advertising.

"the new york times" said they would do sponsored posts on the website.

This huge shift to sponsored content -- in many ways, we are seeing it.


advertising on television started with soap operas.

-- we are seeing it go.


advertising started with soap operas.

You will have increased competition with sponsorship overtime, but what is unique about sponsorship is it is specifically matched with who the brand is, what the product is, who the client is, and everything is unique.

In some ways, you have insulation in the sponsorship space.

For me, it is a less bad space.

People do not like the advertisements, but i would not say that's monster ships are so well integrated that people do not find them annoying -- sponsorships are so well integrated that people do not find them annoying.

It is all about how it is done and how it is executed.

You see bad sponsorship just like you see bad television commercials.

It is up to the publishers were the celebrity in some case -- or the celebrity in some cases to make sure they are aligning themselves with something they can get behind and tell a story about because nobody likes bad advertising.

Based on that, one of your predictions is twitter will hit $80 a share.

That is not far off.

That might be the first quarter.

[laughter] i made a prediction on the 11th, and i said it would hit $60 a share, and here we are today in the low-70's. i think you will see resistance at the 80-dollar-mark, but people are excited.

It is a remarkable platform with a high level of engagement in my opinion they are just started to scratch the surface of what they will do from a revenue generation standpoint.

Ted murphy, ceo of izea, thank you.

Coming up, is t-mobile for sale -- we have the latest on reports that sprint wants to buy the wireless carrier.


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