Will Nike Share Apple’s Fate?

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August 8 (Bloomberg) -- Camilo Lyon, Analyst for Canaccord Genuity, discusses the state of Nike and their dominance over other sportswear companies. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Adidas shoes from tehhe 90's. i think the issue is they have had a difficult time getting headway in the states.

Reebok has been the biggest share to that.



They have been a hindrance to their ability.

Is nike anything like we knew 20 years ago?

Bigger and better.

Why do they roll so much?

54 percent of the running shoe market.

Adidas is the second biggest player in the whole world.

What is the disconnect?

Nike has a huge share of the basketball market.

That is a massive opportunity.

They're not letting anyone in there.

They have brand jordan and the nike brand.

The athletes in the campus, the best of the best of the basketball world.

To go with you look at the stock, we talked about it being up 44%. it has gained 66%. some people say it is getting frothy.

Do you see similarities in terms of profit as of stock price?

I think it comes down to product innovation.

As long as nike can continue to innovate, they should continue to do well.

Again, at the end of it all, it comes down to innovation.

Are you going quarter to quarter with 90 based on a hot product or are they so dominant is categories?

-- with nike based on a hot product or are they so dominant it is categories?

We have been in the super cycle.

Amazing growth in running.

I have led the way.

No doubt.

You nailed that one.

How much has nike benefited from the safe haven and to the big stocks that pay dividends?

To go hugely.

It is the multinational company with in this space.

The biggest and easiest to trade.

It is an index stocks.

Cinko best buy.

Is it nike or something else in your retail space?

I prefer under armor.

The growth prospects are much more vast.

They're just getting it to footwear.

They are just getting into the international market.

6% of sales.

The growth avenue, much bigger force under armor.

-- for under armour.

Who is on top?

Let's keep it in focus.

I think the world cup and the olympics are showcase events.

They showcase the next innovation.

The use the platform to show what is coming up next.

It is about who will have the next product innovation.

We've not seen exactly what they will come to market with.

Is there a big difference in brand difference?

Is brand and product.

You have to have both.

One that drives the other.

If you include endorsements, i would think so.

Fink you.

I want to go back to merger and acquisitions.

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