Will New Anonymous App Login Pay Off for Facebook?

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April 30 (Bloomberg) -- AdRoll President Adam Berke and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick discuss Facebook offering improved tools and a more streamlined experience for logins, including the option to sign in anonymously. They speak with Emily Chag and Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


What do you make of all these announcements?

In a way, they are trying to make themselves more boring, i would say.

One of the things that mark put up at the early stages of the event and i have behind the screen, talking about repeatedly, the idea of a stable mobile platform.

It is a very unsexy idea but one that developers will welcome.

There were scattered cheers for a number of things that ordinary people would think, why would anybody cheer for that, because developers want customers, they want money from their apps, and they want to make it easier to build apps.

Facebook was building and monetizing apps and they had separate sections for each of those.

While it was boring, it was a step forward to maturity for facebook.

As a user, i will be one of the people to log in anonymously, but what does it mean for advertisers?

Do you guys get less information?

Probably not.

What it probably means is that users can feel more comfortable logging into apps.

While they may trust facebook, they may not trust every app they log into with using facebook credentials.

That does not mean that facebook still does not have information about that person they can aggregate and target on across all of those apps using facebook connect.

From an ever ties in perspective, it probably does not have a big impact except that facebook will not have people feeling more comfortable logging in more often.

David mentioned there were scattered cheers.

What is your assessment of the reaction from developers?

How do they feel about this?

To be clear, there's a difference in an audience at an event at something like this versus some ipo roadshow or an investor conference.

I think there would have been some cheers from the wall street community for the business of facebook.

The reality is that with facebook, they have had so much success with highly targeted ads that come through your feed when you are on your phone, they are able to generate a lot of advertising money from each of those ads.

A lot of those ads get you to download an app.

I hate when people complain about having too many ads in that experience, so this day is about reaching out to developers who also have ads in their apps and saying we want to partner with you and you make more money and we make more money.

It is part of the business growth strategy for facebook.

If that means giving up some of the information they have through facebook logins to cover more territory, so be it.

They are looking at this to really grow revenue.

This gives facebook even more power as a middleman, as a gatekeeper.

David, what do you think apple thinks of this, what do you think google thinks of this?

Mark specifically mentioned that apple and google are never going to do some the things they announced because a lot of what they did today was towards interoperability for people with google and android phones but may have an ipad or developers or trying to target people on a variety of platforms.

What happened was in the web days, there were some basic things everybody could count on -- html, websites working the same no matter what platform you are on, but the mobile web is completely different.

There are barricades all over the place.

Facebook was essentially trying to say, we're going to break down those barriers.

Ultimately, apple and google would probably prefer those barriers remain in place.

They're probably not totally thrilled, but they would have never done this themselves.

What about the audience network, this ad exchange.

How does this look to you, how does this put facebook into the context of the biggest player in the room, which is google?

To answer the second question first, i would say facebook is out in front of google on the ad products, particularly in the mobile realm?

What about twitter?

Twitter is moving fast come up the scale and audience is not where facebook is.

Facebook is combining rapid innovation with a massive reach of users and they are becoming a massive juggernaut and the advertising space right now buyt combining a lot of aspects that marketers crave -- a legitimate mobile offering with scale and with a great audience targeting capabilities.

David, you are nodding?

I think he's right.

It's amazing to me that a 10-year-old company has achieved this kind of scale and can be as ambitious as they are being.

They're really trying to do is bring order to the mobile space.

That is a fairly big statement.

They are also trying to extend internet connectivity to everyone on the planet with the internet.org initiative.

Mark zuckerberg thanks very big, and they now have the scale and financial resources and the technical talent to take on these mammoth projects.

The law, they have oculus virtual reality which they were frequently demonstrating today as a bet on the long-term future which in itself is also super ambitious.

You have to be kind of agog at the sheer audacity of these people and their ability to continue delivering.

One of the biggest problems people have with facebook is privacy, our information.

Do the announcement go a decent way in terms of rebuilding user trust?

Well, we highlighted earlier today that when mark zuckerberg first spoke, he mentioned some of the most popular ios apps as part of the world of apple use facebook logins, and he went on to talk about having this anonymous feature is important because people are not always comfortable with sharing information.

In some of the discussions we have had with developers, we anecdotally got to feel this comes up all the time, people are not necessarily comfortable with using facebook login and as of the information they might be sharing.

-- because of the information they might be sharing.

It does seem if you're trying to get more developers on your team, that is the card to play.

You are anonymous to the third party, but not to facebook.

Facebook still knows what you are doing full stop image, you are nodding.

Thank you all, jon erlichman at the conference, david kirkpatrick, and adam berke.

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