Will IBM CEO Ginni Rometty’s Growth Strategy Work?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Cantor Fitzgerald Analyst Brian White discusses his outlook for IBM on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Dent in mobile enterprise.

We will check with brian way of cantor fitzgerald -- brian white of can't surface cantor fitzgerald.

Ibm is going through a transition, and it was a first time in ibm ceo ever mated to the mobile world congress, and she gave a keynote.

Really they opened up to developers to develop mobile apps, and that is part of what she was talking about.

The big areas of focus their -- big data, cloud, they acquired software, social, and also mobility.

Big areas of focus.

Are they under investing -- she has so much pressure to keep shareholders happy, she is building free cash flow, but she is not investing.

I think they are investing in areas that make sense.

The problem is the stock is only up 3% to 4% since the end of 2011 when she took over in january 2012. s&p is up 56%. this is an issue with investors.

Something has to happen or there will be a shakeout.

I think they are at an inflection point.

They are getting rid of their semiconductor making unit, they already got uprid of their pc section.

Did they exit these two early october -- did they exit these two early?


what do they do exactly that is in the semiconductor business?

Hardware made $1.6 billion and then lost -- pc's are not dead.

It is priced into microsoft and in intel.

It is ugly.

What is your device to ginni rometty?


wall street is really shining brightly on google ventures, on the venture on some of these companies.

I think ibm is going to have to step up to the plate and really show their vision with some acquisitions and spend some money, sprinkle down from big cap tech onto what is new and cool in till they can integrate some of these companies.

I think marissa is being

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