Will.I.Am: I Make My Music on Apple Products

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June 2 (Bloomberg) -- Founding Shareholder of Beats Music Will.I.Am discusses the Apple-Beats deal for 3.2 billion dollars and the future of the music industry. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Moving on, he has been rocking the beats since the very beginning.

I am talking about "boom boom pow." will.i.am is the founding shareholder of beats electronics.

Apple agreed to buy the business for $3 billion.

I had a chance to sit down with will.i.am and ask what it means to him.

"hey mama" was the first song for apple itunes.

People witnessed and experienced concerts differently.

The fact that the camera was on a phone, people watch concerts like this.

What happened after tour -- that tour, i told jimmy that we need to make hardware.

Our music is selling other people's stuff.

We need to have hardware, so that we are selling our stuff.

Jimmy took that to heart an i have been a part of beats since the beginning.

What you get out of this now?

What does the sale mean to you?

It means that i can go out there and do more wild and crazy stuff around consumer electronics.

More importantly, the work that i do in my community.

I can help him or kids.

-- out more kids.

Science, engineering, technology, mathematics.

I don't necessarily have to go out and raise money.

I contend to the kids i cap already committed myself to.

-- i have already committed myself to.

You said, we need to make our own hardware.

That hardware is essentially owned by a much bigger man, apple.

Is your creativity limited now that you all don't own what you do?

I don't look at apple is the man.

-- as the man.

I look at apple as a very awesome company that makes tools that i create music on.

I make my music on apple products.

You go around the world and listen to music on apple products.

I don't know what the man means.

That is yester world.

We are in this collaborative state of culture.

Big companies are going and collaborating with unlikely candidates, whether for marketing, consulting, creative consulting, stuff like that.

The purchase of beats is a sign to show you where things are going and it is a hybrid of tech and culture.

We run the risk that these tech companies are cannibalizing artist, streaming music, does it hurt the artist who used to create his own music and sell it out of the back of the car?

Now that streaming service is giving me my music.

You just dove into a very complex web.

If you want to talk about that, i'm willing to give you information on just how artists are being screwed.

But more portly, how one artist has showed you the way on how to do it, dre.

How artists have showed you how to do it, jay-z. there are other ways of making money than just selling music.

Now that beats has a home in apple, do you see a new music label opening?

Do you see a new home for emerging artists?

You have a much bigger platform.

I don't know the details on what is going to come.

I know how it is going to spark a fire in artist out there.

To take an interest in consumer electronics.

I hope this puts a spark in kids in inner cities.

So not only are they trying to get out of the ghetto singing and playing sports, but now they can discipline themselves and science and technology thomas so they too can bring a beats to culture.

Whether you think will.i.am is a great artist or not, what he is is a great salesman.

Their song "boom boom pow" he

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