Will He or Won’t He: Biden in 2016?

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett, Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman, Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Looks like we are up 161 points.

The red box the announcement is coming after their earnings.

29% after the grocery store chain announced management was changing.

They lost 31 white $3 million in the third quarter.

Three firms have downgraded the shares following the news.

It is definitely the best grocery store in new york city.

It is an awesome store.

Activision is surging.

The videogame publisher says that sales of call of duty, thanks to matt miller, have helped him whether the transition to new consoles.

The stock is on the rise even as activision cost outlook shrinks.

Class starbucks.

There is a positive on the company's loyalty program.

Wells fargo believes that starbucks is entering a new era of growth.

Class number two cigna.

Shares are down.

First quarter earnings will probably decline.

Crack number one, linkedin.

Sales growth will slow for a fifth consecutive quarter.

Linkedin is seeking to reach workers overseas and answering -- adding mobile features.

They may make some acquisitions.

The ballot closed about two minutes ago.

For a one right now and we are out -- 4:01 p.m. right now and we are up.

A strong day.

Let's move to the roundup.

These are the stories we're tracking ahead of monday wash opening.

We are joined by jesse lynn and olivia sterns.

Matt miller, you got me into go pro.

Matthew bageling?

Class i own very many.

Way more than you can possibly count.

Get a camera and duct tape you can save some money.

I like to put them all over my car, my motorcycle.

There are so many cool things you can do.

Is a catamaran that goes fast.

You use go pro on your catamaran.

I've been filed for an ipo.

They are striking well the fire is hot.

Sales were around 525 million.

Glad they are less than $1 billion.

Qwest they have to be under $1 billion to file the way they have filed.

Client is very cool for serving.

That is how got started.

When i went skiing, every kid the mountain had a go pro strapped to their head.

It is not a smart move.

They are under $1 billion and they were supposed to be over.

Now they are doing the confidential thing.

Glad they have under a billion dollars in bills.

They could be valley in five percent straight -- bigamy selling a five percent stake.

A lot of people have been talking about google gas.

I used to be in this business.

There are tons of competitors.

You are right, there are a ton of competitors.

And it will slough of them, but when they have, and you would understand is, is a brand.

Cracked they have done an unbelievable job.

I will give them that.

They have made it cool to own these things.

But it is still duct tape and a camera on my head.

You should use one and duct tape it to your had.

Can i point something out?

You guys are shouting.

You are very fired up.

You well has a strong brand?

Hillary clinton.

That is why makes it a great question if joe biden as running for president.

He sat down with cnn for an interview.

This is what he had to say.

There may be reasons i don't run.

But there is no obvious reason why i should not run.

If you've able to make up his mind, he will decide by 2015. i'm so confused.

Two days ago he gave a speech to the united auto workers saying that he will not run because he likes to drive fast cars and he wants to get a new corvette.

Any need to tell his biggest backers that he needs money.

If you come with me, that is what joe biden is.

He is a backroom politician.

He is very good at it.

He should be working on this whole debt ceiling thing right now.

That is where he is good.

He came in 1973. reagan was older too.

He may not feel the financial support that hillary has booked up.

Major democratic donors are backing hillary.

Those funds are frozen until he announces.

A month ago, chris christie with a front runner.

There is a long way to go.

This is joe biden.

He says whatever comes into his head at any moment.

He slammed laguardia.

He is right, but he is also the vice president of the united dates.

He compared laguardia to an airport being a third world country.

He is not politically correct.

It is so true.

Laguardia is an embarrassment for new york.

I see is not wrong.

But he is the vice president.

Speaking of embarrassments, sochi olympic lane -- complaints are taking over twitter.

This twitter has more followers in the official sochi 2014 account.

There are complaints about hotel rooms, uniforms, toilets.

Big fellow box office, which i do every olympics.

Russia spent $50 billion.

They built 14 venues, but apparently not well.

They added 90,000 hotel rooms.

We hear that a plane en route from the ukraine to turkey had an attempted hijacking by amanda was intoxicated.

He thought he wasn't sochi.

Tom keene told olivia sterns that you will kidnap her and prevent her from going.

Has anyone visited the olympics?

It used to be one of my jobs before.

I was in a hotel in toronto that didn't work right yesterday.

This is about the games.

This is a small problem.

We had the same problems in atlanta and other cities.

They had one stall with two commodes in it.

No divider.

This is russia?

. did you expect five-star accommodations?

It is in the middle of nowhere.

But they build all of this.

By it is not official.

The flame is already live.

We will just see it being lit.

Red hat you get a total cost of $45 billion?

They did not build 50 stadiums.

There is a lot going on in russia.

That is a great point.

They had decreed a lot of snow.

I think that you print all the pictures of putin.

They said the road from betraying patient into the olympics village could have been paid one centimeter that -- thick with caviar or the amount supposedly cost.

We have been talking about coffee.

Hold the beverage appliance.

It has been unwelcome news for soda stream.

Their stock fell.

The stock did rebound and there is a little bit of talk that this could potentially pressure pepsi to make an offer for soda stream and make some sort of partnership.

Analysts have not had that chance out.

The talk is out there.

This could potentially happen.

It is funny how the market would force the deal.

How often do you see that?

Knock it is full extent.

I do not think they are worried about it.

If you look at pepsi, most of their revenue is in food and lesson beverages.

They care more about what is going on inproduct.

You can tell by the taste of pepsi.

I do not know about that.

What is interesting used to watch these small companies go out and forge relationships.

They have to create something that was not there before and then big companies come in and swallow them up.

That is simply what you are seeing.

That is such a big deal that they can get to cold beverages with the system.

From a chemistry perspective, how do you make a carbonated power?

You do not.

You may carbonated water and active power -- add the powder.

The canister on the back that he's city they will stop -- that you screw into the thing.

In the new machine, it will be a pod with no c02. i doubt it.

I was reporting on this story.

It is not till 2015. my prediction is that they will have machines that combine your refrigerator the walkout.

I get water for my refrigerator and i may get a coke for my refrigerator.

I have an inside view on this particular thing.

It does not make any sense why they would not do it with so to answer a -- soda and sorrow -- s yrup.

We will get a new keurig machine on it.

If you are right, i will buy you one.

I take a thought and blow into it.

-- take a straw and blow into it.

It is friday afternoon and it is time to say we've had a good week.

We are not done yet.

We will not go anywhere.

When we come back, matt will talk about bitcoin plunging.

He has all the details.

Apple on the market.

There is a lot to talk about here before we kick off the weekend.

? apple surprises the markets with a big buyback.

Who is next?

Just so we're all on the same page, we've been talking about this all day.

Apple, in the past two weeks, bought $14 billion worth of stock.

That is a lot of stock.

That is about 3.0% of the total shares available.

That is like 78% annualized.

Sometime in the middle of next spring, apple would have effectively gone private.

They would have bought all their stock back.

What a concert when you think about apple, the largest stock in the world.

Why did they do it?

Because it works.

There is a buyback index.

It invests only in companies that announce big buyback.

Compare this index to the s&p 500. it is almost double what the s&p is.

It is simple.

If a company is buying back stock, you want to be that stock as well.

If a buyback stock, be shares for earning go up.

The point is, the proof is in the pudding.

You want to know who else has big buyback in place.

Here is what we did.

We looked at the s&p 500 and we screen for buyback that have been announced in the past three months.

They were at least 10% of the float.

We found 12 and there they are.

Boeing, caterpillar, cisco.

They all the stop.

I know i went through them quickly.

I just posted them on twitter.

Those are your 12 buyback stocks.

Thank you adam.

Coming up, bitcoin is down.

The story behind the double whammy.

Any band that has nothing but hits.

We will show you some never before seen photos of the beatles.

? bitcoin plunged today after a major tokyo exchange halted sales of the currency for technical issues.

Matt miller, mr.

Bitcoin himself is here.

I think the high on mt.

G ox-850. they came down.

It was a big draw.

-- rob.

-- drop.

It was a big, big drop.

For good reason.

They stopped allowing withdrawals in the exchange.

To get an idea of how much volume they cancel, we have a high chart.

Over 50% of all the global trade go through them.

If you cannot get your money out , it is a serious issue.

All they said was that it was a technical issue.

It was a repetitive statement in the worst english i read in a long time.

They said that there were technical problems.

They needed a cause on withdrawals.

It sounded like they were stuffing money in a suitcase and running off.

When i heard and read on the bitcoin foundation.org board and on reddit is that the software that is used to run mt.

Gox is not sophisticated enough to deal with high-traffic trade.

They do not work together well.

Apparently it is not the best.

That is a problem and it erodes confidence.

Doesn't that speak to a bigger problem?

You have a new currency, a currency were everything is conducted online.

If the bank closes, you have a recourse.

This is in tokyo.

Of a bank closed in tokyo, would there be enough nation?

Best explanation question mark -- explanation?

The banking system in tokyo is very old.

The regulations as the mist around for a long time.

This is a nascent currency.

A lot of people who are believers in the bitcoin movement has strongly been against mt.

Gox for a while.

Why do so much volume go through there?

There are people who use it as a currency and there are people who believe in it.

They do not use it through there.

Professional traders, that is where they are going.

Which nordic country classified it quite as a commodity?

Sweden, finland.

Who knows the difference between any of those countries?

I think that it was a tradable commodity.

I believe russia just made it illegal, by the way.

Par for the course.

Quite a lot of countries have classified as a commodity.

A lot of investors see it as a commodity.

That depends on your definition of currency.

The point is that mt.

Gox is having issues and that drive the price down.

A lot of people have been contacting me to ask, how can i buy bitcoin?

It is not drop that far.

I want to point out that one of the problems is it is difficult to use bitcoin in the apple ecosystem.

Apple said they would no longer allow a wallet for it.

It was the last software you could use on your phone.

Apple maybe has its own payment system.

Maybe has a deal with another payment company?

Even star trek have a card you can load.

Who knows why apple make the decisions that apple does.

They are so secretive about everything.

The point is, it is hard to use bitcoin now with that and write -- apple phone.

Butwe have video of someone shooting his i don't because he was so angry about it.

We have had this whole conversation about bitcoin and several dollars are sitting on the desk.

I have some old-fashioned currency.

I am a proponent of bitcoin.

Is weakness in emerging markets a problem or an opportunity?


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