Will Gates Relinquish Role as Microsoft's Chairman?

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) – On today’s "Drill Down," Cory Johnson takes a look at the possibility of Bill Gates relinquishing his role as Microsoft's chairman. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The company heavily.

He was so foundational to the way the company works and thinks.

I think of the top investors who own five percent of the company, they are asking the president to get rid of gates as chairman.

What does that mean for the company ultimately.

Since gates left the company, the stock has not performed well.

Many believe the company was part of the.com bubble, which does not the good on steve ballmer's resume, but the company is still very much in his own image and as chairman of that company, it is an open question as to what his role is right now as he is trying to find the next leader of microsoft.

I have heard the complete opposite talk about the gates -- about ill gates coming back as ceo.

What kind of changes has he been advocating with microsoft?

What does he want?

It is not clear that a something he is interested in, but i think it is clear that they are not having the same performance as when they were younger.

In terms of the business, that was a growth.

There have been a number of things, even without steve ballmer, simply announcing he was leaving the company, a number of big changes that the company.

A massive reorganization, which some people in the company wonder if that will last when a new ceo comes in.

The nokia acquisition, a massive deployment of capital, let alone a choice in the direction, pushing the company into hardware, tying to that business.

And then the $40 billion share buyback, further tying the hands of any new ceo.

As chairman of the company, as one of the largest shareholders, bill gates has insisted that is the direction the company he founded is going to go in, with or without steve ballmer is the head of the company.

Some investors might have hoped the money would have been used differently.

Speaking of steve ballmer leaving soon, we have the spectacular video of his very careful goodbye to microsoft employees at the last employee meeting, where he played the song from "dirty dancing," " time of your life." what did you think of this?

When anybody is asked about steve ballmer, as he is very passionate about the company.

He is so programmed and careful about what he says, but he is so passionate about the company and the way he approaches customers.

I think that has helped them from a sales perspective, but it is a different game now.

I think when you look at ill gates as a more cerebral approach, the important things is bill gates as a shareholder has seen a really declining influence in the company.

His shareholding of the company coming yes, he is still the largest shareholder, but it is rapidly declining to the point where he will not even be a shareholder at this pace by 2018, something outside investors are paying attention to in a big way.

Cory johnson, editor at large, thank you.

We will have more of "bloomberg west" in just a moment.

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