Free Hotel Wi-Fi Is Destiny: Choice Hotels CEO

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Stephen Joyce, CEO at Choice Hotels International, discusses wi-fi offerings at hotels and the growing role of technology in the hotel industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Charged $30 per day for wi-fi.

It is terrible.

Lower end and more economically -- value-oriented prefer to offer for free.

In the long-term hotels will have to offer for free.

They are waiting for someone to break it.

Hopefully someone will say i think it will make the customers happier.

They will go where the rest of them have gone him a god-given right to have free wi-fi.

I was in a hotel two weeks ago named after of they miss cracker.

-- -- famous cracker.

They said we have two wi-fi systems.

One in the room and one down here that is free.

I said what are you waiting for?

Because they can.

It is not enough to force the decision to stay at another property.

You will still stay at the cracker h versus the comfort, even though i will give you free wi-fi.

But the rest of the 99% of us staying in our hotels where we get free breakfast, free wi-fi, and mostly free parking.

What about data hogs?

Sling shot will shut down the ability.

We are now internet-based and cloud-based so you are not using those trunk lines like the old hotels do enter one-way.

So there is a guy -- i am getting it out -- tom is the one hogging up the bandwidth.

What a lot of hotels are trying to do now is the tearing out if someone is using that much bandwidth, charging them more for it -- taking out if someone is using that much bandwidth.

We are at almost 20%. 30% numbers.

It is going faster than the internet went.

It is going to the mobile phone.

Hard to book.

We make it in three clicks.

Why are the showers right here?

You are not average height.

The showers are right here in some of these hotels.

You can go back to the cracker hotel.

The cracker hotel is worse.

Stephen joyce we will speak

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