Will Facebook Survive Another 10 Years?

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Olivia Sterns, Michael McKee, and Leo Hindery, managing partner at Intermedia Partners, look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Is following.

I am following this idea of the emerging markets and how it links and to you witnessed yesterday afternoon.

Stunning to watch the market coverage on bloomberg television and see that the client -- decline into a more volatile territory.

We did not talk about the outlier, argentina.

I hear that argentina is discrete and does not matter.

I do not buy it for a minute.

It is certainly possible.

People knew this was coming.

It is less a question there of exterior forces work on them and internal economic problems.

Speaking of internal, that is on my agenda.

It is not as big a deal today, but yesterday sent the markets falling.

It will be interesting to see the trading reaction today, because we are expect in a down number.

How did -- many jobs?

Another the markets read that?

And how much of this is done to the weather?

What do have today, olivia?

It is facebook's birthday.

What will it bring you back from sochi is the question?

It is facebook's and birthday today.

The company just debuted page.

The first app from its new creative labs facility incredible growth story.

They have 6000 employees.

It has a market cap that makes it bigger than general motors and ford combined.

Leo, i know you are a little bearish.

Not on the company, but on the exultation around the company.

Even the president of the united states has identified faith is the future of america.

The company that produces 6000 jobs is the future of america -- apple has 250,000 employees indirectly sitting in china.

If we take great pride in creating companies with 6000 employees, then the segment that you and i did about the imbalance between service jobs and manufacturing jobs, tom, is even more relevant.

There is a huge debate.

It is a little company with revenues.

The multiplier effect of employees.

We have lost that from another time and place.

People who disagree with leo would say that the summation of this technology will lead to an equivalent multiplier.

I think the jury is out on that.

It cannot multiply off of 6000 jobs in such a meaningful fashion that the relevance -- the comparison with gm appeals to me.

You are even eviscerating about half of this nation's were shut -- work habits through deterioration of manufacturing.

8% of women and men in the civilian labor force make something.

That is it.

Thousand employees.

One point 2 billion subscribers.

That is unbelievable.

Leo, i want to get to our twitter question.

What is the stock market decline telling us?

Here is our first answer -- wendy's step in -- when do you step in?

A lot of people have not been in the market that long.

It was a good first day for

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