Will CPK's `De-Chaining' Deliver More Diners?

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Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) -- California Pizza Kitchen CEO G.J. Hart discusses the company's evolution and cuisine with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is updating its menu and using more raw materials.

Even hand tossing its pizza dough.

Will it deliver designer?

The ceo is here.

I should thank you on behalf of our crew.

We have seen everyone having awesome snacks this afternoon thanks to you.

De- chaining is a term you used.

You do not want people to go into restaurants and make people feel like it is a uniform experience.

It is -- in the early days when it began to my it was a restaurant concept that there to be different.

Adventuresome and really do things differently.

What we're doing now is trying to bring that forward and and take the best of that heritage and history and bring it current to today.

I doing that we are doing that through culinary and hospitality and design.

I know that you thought about this two years ago, a few years back.

What led you to the decision and what has it been like to put it in place and implement the strategy?

It is fair to say the casual dining space has changed significantly over the last few years.

As we came to the recession.

A lot more competition with quick casual upping their game.

We had to take a look at what can we do to stay relevant and bring back that curiosity and that creativity to the band and that is what led us to the vision of what we call the next chapter.

We call it our recipe for re- imagination.

It is not a brand revolution, it is rent evolution.

You are using a lot more organic ingredients and telling the people a little bit more about the sourcing so you're trying to get the foodies in.

You have made it clear that it is modular.

You can have colleagues and families, and colleagues at the bar.

It seems i get is pretty flexible.

With our cuisine, younger foodies and sophisticated foodies -- maybe we disappointed them a little.

What we are doing is being that in, we have different items that we are bringing to the brand.

You can have a special night or coming with your family.

The new ambience and we are creating a much more down-home and open ambiance.

Things that can resemble the california mindset.

You are going the opposite of feeling the formica, vinyl mindset.

We are doing different versions of meet -- remodels.

They could very from a quarter million to a million and a quarter to remodel.

It depends on where it is.

We will he going after that program in the next couple of years.

When will you judge yourself whether or not -- it is a great idea but there is tons of good ideas that do not come to fruition.

We have -- our restaurants are doing incredibly well.

Ringing that into the restaurant base.

We have done it with our hospitality.

We think this is going to work, we will know more as we launch these private markets in the next three months and we will judge it from there.

All the employees are being retrained as well?

Ringing insert of a neighborhood feel.

Relative to hospitality, yes.

We are going through a training process to create a genuine connection rather than just going through a process and bringing down heart of the -- part of the de-chain.

We want to make that connection.

This is all new.

The food is new and the hospitality is new.

The decor is new.

What if it is still near a mall?

Will you let that property go and develop somewhere else?

Every site is different but we're going going to evaluate those locations and we will put that re-image into the restaurants where it is appropriate.

Most of our real estate is pretty good real estate.

We are going to have to evaluate one at a time and as we look into the future into new locations we will assess how much of that is malls versus lifestyle centers are freestanding units.

We have a global map up where -- or so people can see where your presence is around the world.

Are these places going through the same kind of overhaul as the american stores?

We have 51 restaurants outside the u.s.. they are a little more flexible so they have taken this next chapter and all the work that we're doing and put it in place faster and we're seeing great success there.

Places like mexico.

It is exciting what is going on around the world.

We are pleased about where we are going internationally as well.

What is your favorite pizza?

I am the old classic, barbecue chicken pizza is phenomenal although i have to

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