Will Content Costs Determine Sports TV Winners?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Leo Hindery, founder at Intermedia Partners, discusses sports on cable as Fox Sports 1 is set to launch as a direct competitor to Disney's ESPN in August. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Fox wants to be espn.

Can they succeed?

Espn was born in 1978. in 24 months, we created hbo, espn, and cnn because we could not sell one more cable subscription.

We had to have a compound product that was different from the parks product.

. there were 12 channels.

We started to create regional sports networks without -- with unlimited channels.

When rupert murdoch has done with nbc sports -- everybody is jumping in to an unlimited dial.

You can find space on the dial.

When i used to buy only indirectly espn as a consumer, not i am in directly by all of this.

A woman or man in manhattan -- by the end of this calendar year, directly or indirectly -- will be paying $50 for the sports products.

The answer is, tbs, tnt, the football in directly on the big networks, espn, cbs sports, golf, tennis.

I am not a sports television watcher.

Espn is the gold standard when it comes to sports viewing.

It is interesting that rupert murdoch is taking on espn.

He is coming from the ground to challenge espn.

But what he did with fox.

Can he succeed?

Sports is a product can be duplicated with the snap of a finger.

It is the underlying event programming.

Who has if?

Is it worth watching.

One of the interesting statistics, one of the highly rated basic cable services is the usa network.

On any given week, it averages 1.3 million viewers, 24 hours, seven days.

It cost about 75 cents-80 cents to distribute to the economy.

Espn, which you can only buy as a bundle -- that cost about $8. about a million viewers first is the 75 cents.

Is the viewing consistency there?

I would love your opinion on the success of the experiment with the nhl.

It seems like we are watching.

You are watching, but you are also watching alternative defense.

Even when in the finals were on, we were watching baseball and the english premier league.

It is the fact that we have unlimited space event over event over the fence -- over event.

There will be a shakeout when the cost of programming and the viewership of that program is one to be coordinated by the distribution community.

You have rupert murdoch's coming in and all of these regional networks -- to have richard -- you have rupert murdoch coming in and all of these regional networks.

If you and i walked down the street and i say, you are paying 50 cents -- $50 a month and you and you and you, you would say, wait a minute.

That is the saturation point.

-- they will not go all card -- a la carte by genre.

The viewer has the right to opt in or opt out.

I want to look as some of the games.

This is from the new york post.

This is an editorial talking about a baseball picture that does the but -- baseball pitcher that has done better than good.

This is a quote.

With your incredible business success.

If it so much of what you do not

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