Will Congress Agree on Cyber Security Legislation?

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) -- House Intelligence Committee Chairman Representative Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican, discusses the NSA and computer security issues on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Industry ceos today.

What's on the top of their mind?

How do we rebuild the confidence that our intelligence services are not violating privacy and not encroaching on won six of our economy growing right here in silicon valley?

All of those conversations are happening.

What do you see are the chances congress will finally come to an agreement on some sort of cyber security legislation?

Are you willing to alter your proposal to get the deal?

Im as long as for of bills the mission.

Things people think the nsa and the intelligence services are doing, they are not.

We are trying to say here is exactly what the threat is.

Can we do a competent builder so we know that the nsa is not listening to their phone calls?

We should do those things.

Then we have to understand what the threat is.

Public reports say iran has over 400 times probed our financial institutions.

We know the chinese and russians are trying to steal an election will property at a breathtaking pace.

How do we do this in a way that protects our ability to protect the economy here and still protect privacy?

We can and should do both, but we have to start talking about it in a way that is productive.

So one of the criticisms as you offer too much protection to companies.

We are trying to encourage them to share only cyber threat information.

If you are staring -- if you are sharing in good faith, we should encourage that behavior.

It's no different if you're on the subway system and see something bad happen.

We want you to say something bad is happening.

Same kind of thing.

The government is not on private sector networks, so they miss a lot of what the chinese are doing when they are trying to steal information.

What the iranians are doing, a robust sharing of only those threats can go a long way to allow the private sector to protect itself.

That is the endgame.

Edward snowden, hero or traitor?

Over 95% of what the nsa contractor still has nothing to do with privacy.

It had to do with defense, short-term and long-term strategic threat.

The army, navy, air force and marines had nothing to do with anybody's question of privacy.

Anybody that looks at it in a logical way, it's hard to walk away and think giving that to our emmy was anything less than treasonous.

You have implied edward snowden may have gotten help from russia to carry this out.

The technical capabilities were beyond his own.

Why do you think that?

I think of this as a former fbi agent.

Look at the history starting in 2010, there's a large agree of suspicious behavior leading up to his decision to steal information.

95% of it had nothing to do with privacy issues or what the nsa was or wasn't doing and had everything to do with information that protects the united states.

That information is something he may not have understood existence, so we are curious how the tool was developed to go after information that he may not have even understood existed on the network.

Lots of questions we have to get answered.

I'm not quite sure we've heard all of this story yet.

Other legislators say you must have more information than they do if you think the russians were part of it.

Russians are what came up.

He certainly is in moscow now.

No caps on or intelligence officer in the service of greasy's not under the influence of the russian intelligence service today.

The question isn't whether he's under the influence of the russians, it is when did he start?

That could be debated.

I don't think all the facts are on the table.

As an old fbi guy, i understand the value of small pieces of information, i just believe there's more to the story and as this unfolds, i just don't believe he acted completely on his own and he is currently under the influence of the russians.

That is not disputed.

When did it start is what the debate will be.

What is the likelihood he ever returns to the united states?

Unless he has a change of heart and brings back every piece of information and is willing to stand up to the scrutiny of a legal investigation, i don't think it's very good at all.

Lex the ukraine -- which are biggest concern there?

It is split.

I don't think the dissolving of the ukraine is in the interest of the european union.

I don't even believe it's in the interest of the russians.

Do you think the russians could come in?

Let's i don't see vladimir putin using troops.

I see him exerting influence through his intelligence services and other ways to cause a split.

He can't afford to lose all the ukraine.

I have heard it said that russia without the ukraine is a country but russia with the ukraine is an empire.

Knowing how putin has behaved, i think you'd like to keep that sphere of influence.

Do u.s. intelligence services know where he is?

It's unclear that u.s. intelligence services know where he is will stop i'm not even sure the ukrainians know where he is.

You could have a good hunch.

I want to talk a little bit about apple because there was a big security flaw revealed over the weekend.

Have issued a fix and there's one on their desktop operating system.

When apple released this fix, there was no red alarm, up your phone right now.

They did not give a lot of context about what was wrong and why we needed to perform this update.

What do you think about that situation and apple's responsibility to its users?

First and foremost, they need to fix whatever anomaly they found that provides for a longer ability.

Through time, they will correct that vulnerability.

At the same time, i don't know if they want to advertise to every bad actor out there.

There are all sorts of bad actors trying to take advantage of that vulnerability before they could get it fixed.

It is always a balancing game.

You will have vulnerabilities built into these systems, not on purpose but by the very complication of how the software operates.

There is speculation the nsa but the vulnerability there.

I can tell you now that did not happen.

This is part of the problem.

The data points people believe that the nsa is doing a thing bad -- the government had a hard time operating a website for your health care, let alone this suspicion they are looking into that around the world.

Great to have you here in the

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