Will China's Middle Class Be Drawn to iPhones?

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Jeffrey Sachs, Earth Institute director at Columbia University, looks at how well the new iPhones expected from Apple will sell in China. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

It speaks to the brand power of the american brand, the american luxury brand like apple and whether that can translate in a lower-cost model to these developing markets.

I'm hardly the expert to know except the competition is obviously so real and severe.

I don't think it is brand if it is going to do it in asia.

I don't agree.

You are an expert because you know the chinese middle class but of the most anyone in america.

Who are the chinese middle class and do they need to buy apple?

My sense is brand is extremely important in china.

Luxury is extremely important in the chinese marketplace.

But i don't know if it carries to the phones is so much as it does to the fashions and many other goods.

I don't ever since in china that apple is by itself cachet.

Win jeffrey sachs goes to china, he actually goes to china.

When scarlet fu goes to china, she actually goes to china.

When i say go to china, it is the mandarin hotel.

That is not the real china.

The goal overall is to get new apple customers in china who will then buy into the ecosystem of apple later on.

Don't you think it is inevitable that the margins are just going to be bashed in?

This will become a commodity.

That is one concern.

Going back to the steve jobs point you mentioned, this is so antithetical that apple has done in terms of maintaining its a status.

Things are moving much more quickly and samsung is a bigger competitor than it ever was during the steve jobs era.

Interesting day for microeconomics and branding.

We have mercedes we're talking about in the next hour.

Mercedes 5c, right?

We will be speaking with the ceo of the americas.

You wouldn't be caught dead and it.

I don't know, i am interested.

To preserve the brand and visit this low-cost territory.

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