Will Boeing's Troubles be Reflected in Results?

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' George Ferguson previews second-quarter earnings from Boeing in light of recent troubles related to the new 787 Dreamliner and Monday's Southwest Airlines runway incident. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

George, you have seen a negative headlines, boeing is on the covers of all the newspapers, is it impacting the orders, sales, and earnings of the company?

It appears not.

We should say that last night at a guardia?

This is a 14 year old airplane that lost here on landing.

This is critical, i think, for everyone.

Why are we flying 14 year old airlines.

-- airplanes.

We can fly them for up to 30 years, we think.

We think?

We do not typically get there in the u.s.. those landing gear is get changed at regular intervals.

It will be interesting to see what ultimately happens here.

This landing gear being maintained by southwest.

It might not be boeing possy fault, per say, but did not -- does not help the perception out there that any kind of airplane problem you see involves building -- boeing.

The 787 does have its challenges.

They are refurbishing it now to introduce it in 2017. this is the moneymaker at boeing commercial aerospace.

This airplane coming for 2017 will be very crucial.

I want to mention a number in context.

$4.80 trillion, this is their long-term commercial jet sale for the next 20 years.

Orders are going strong.

We just came out of the paris air show.

Orders were far better than the year before.

No one seems to be ready to give up.

When you look at bowling, -- bowling -- boeing, is it a contract to contract defense?

Or is it consistent revenue?

It is, right?

Which is it when i buy the stock -- it is 50/50, right?

Which is that when i buy the stock?

It is priced as a commercial aerospace company right now.

Defense companies are not in multiples.

Remember, there is a lot of aviation projects.

They have a pretty good stream of their own.

Julian robertson, legendary hedge fund manager here,

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