Will Apple Focus on Your Health at WWDC Conference?

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June 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart and Sarat Sethi, managing director at Douglas C. Lane and Associates, examine what’s in store from Apple at the company’s annual WWDC Conference. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The big rumor surrounding wwdc is health book, which is similar to past book, which is already on ios 7. the idea is that this would tight together different devices and accessories that would be capturing data about your body, health, movement, and pull it together in an organized sense seat can quickly and easily see what you are up to.

I understand that conceptually, but why do i care what my pulse is on a given moment or my blood pressure is as i walked on the street, etc.? this is about creating a new market.

Just as when people used to think, why do i need a camera in my phone, i am not a photographer, i am not taking pictures, all the sudden we became photographers -- all of a sudden we became photographers.

The same here.

You become more health conscious.

Is apple the first to break open this market?

People look for apple to set the tone for the year at the developers conference.

Apple is staking a claim in the ground, planting a flag and saying, we see opportunities here.

These are devoted apple fans and writers of code for apps that work on their ecosystem.

They're going to want to follow the lodestar.

Who is in the audience?

Who are these people?

Let's understand something.

This is not a press event.

This is not a media only event.

This is the diehard apple developers who write apps for ios, they write code for the mac.

Everything that is on your phone right now, people from those companies will be at this conference.

We will be seeing a keynote later today, but the bulk of the conference continues for days after and consists of many breakout sessions -- breakup sections.

Learning more about the operating system and the new changes.

Other looking for any more partners in this?

So much of apple is building the ecosystem.

This makes the ecosystem even stronger and the barriers to entry are even harder.

To the one more partners?

They certainly did when they bought beets.

They are looking at that and other things.

Apple is very intent on the apple experience.

This is one way, whether it is health book or whatever else they will announce to keep that going.

Is there a theory here, sam, that because we are getting an iphone six according to people like or genius at boy genius.com , there is going to be some sort of preface to what is coming next on the hardware side?

This is primarily a software event.

Personally, i'm not expecting any big hardware announcement until later today.

We'll see things like updates to ios, the mac os.

The second half of this year will be the big hardware moment for apple.

Jimmy iovine and dr.

Dre are now part of management.

Are you expecting something on stage echo at the conference?

It is west coast, so dray will be very comfortable there.

-- so dr.

Dre will be very comfortable there.

If you back to the old west coast/east coast hip-hop battle, dr.

Dre would not feel as comfortable doing something in the south bronx as he might out in california, which is his home territory.

You amaze me with a scale of your knowledge.

Samsung was going to try to hook up with a daddy kane and ll cool j, but we will have to see.

I'm speechless.

This goes back to article for bloomberg.

What is the state at this meeting of the apple ecosystem?

From where i sit, just doing a photo on instagram of sam grobart, to me, the ecosystem rocks.

Am i the only one that thinks that?

Know, the ecosystem as ray strong for them.

They have a million different apps that are available, which is the lesson android hurdler was android apps are not necessarily up to the same level of quality as the ios apps.

Apple feels very strongly that the ecosystem is a business.

That and the sale of devices which work on it ecosystem.

Apple hasn't been a growth stock for a while.

People call it a value stock.

At what what would you consider looking at it again?

Is an interesting inflection point here.

The next big step is going to be the iphone six whenever it comes out.

If this ecosystem, which i like, is stronger, people will say i will just replace my phone.

That is when the consumer gets to that point.

That is when more devices are sold, you will see that curve come back.

You have grossed a value to confused.

The stock rises reflecting a combination of both.

It is not in the fours and is not in the sevens.

Apple has artie made some of these things public, it is just not spoken about them.

Things like eye beacon, which is going to come out over the next coming months and year as far as location-based services and retail there.

That is another place.

There may be a mobile payment system, as well.

All of these things to lock people into the system.

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