Will Apple Expand Its TV Products?

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Mediatech Capital Managing Partner Porter Bibb discusses the future for Apple TV and the company's earnings with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Before we focus on apple tv, the numbers that came out today, analysts have predicted 730 a share.

It is not just a smart phone market anymore, it is basically in mobile media center.

The smart funds they created the market for have lots of competition.

It was a big surprise that they sold that many this quarter.

They are in the process of seeing these.

Maybe they can't afford it.

Nokia is coming out with a very conscious products.

They are able this show a high quality product, but they are starting to eat their lunch.

Apple has not been making headway.

Is taking longer to become a reality than kate middleton's baby boy.

The analysts that think they will come out with that, they are wrong.

It is a connection for your wireless and it is anything on the internet.

They will be fighting to see who is going to sell the most goods whether it is movies, television shows, over the internet.

They are just being out full.

It is all up to critics and the investors.

They ought to be doing a tv product.

When out old tv launch as the hockey puck, what you said -- is in the stores now.

How will they ensure usage?

It is simple and wireless.

They keep improving the wide -- the os.

The cable companies will be going out of existence because you can find the os on your touchscreen.

A battle brewing over reach transmission fees.

Streaming video, how do those fees get jeopardized?

That is easy.

All of those retransmits in -- retransmissions, there are threatening to pull the plug tomorrow.

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