Will Apple Continue to Innovate?

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick discusses his outlook for Apple in 2014 on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Author of "the facebook effect "bloomberg surveillance." -- "the facebook effect." apple will be the standard for technology globally.

In china, despite the fact the market share percentage number will be low it is an incredibly in demand luxury product.

People wanted.

The last time i was in china was just before an upcoming apple iphone release, and the first question the person asked me registering in my hotel was what that i think would be in the new iphone.

His people remain upset.

It is a very high quality well respected product.

The low end estimates are 15 million shares of new iphones in 2014 come as i think it will be great for apple and i think apple stock will slowly continue to creep up, possibly not -- what about the low-cost chinese handset makers?

I think cap -- fantastic company will continue to thrive.

It is a crowd sourced design for mobile phones.

It is based on android, but it is very cool.

But it doesn't mean apple does not have a great opportunity in china.

There is a huge difference still in the user experience between iphones and android phones, in my experience.

I still think the interface is better.

I think a lot of people still prefer it and it is a higher status product.

In china, status matters very much.

In terms of apple, do they have a counterfeiting problem in china?

They do -- but you cannot successfully counterfeited iphone.

But there are fake iphones out there.

There's a lot of things that are made to look like an iphone that are not -- a faux iphone.

They bootlegged my book there.

There was a pdf of the english version.

But it was also published in china very successfully.

What about apple and the technology front in 2014? do you think there is a new innovative product we should be focused on?

What will they do to shake up tv?

Bloomberg -- excuse me, bloomberg on apple tv.

I am talking about the real apple tv, and not apple tv technology, which is a little box like the set top box.

One of the things people are excited about is the watch idea.

We were talking before about the fit bit wristband.

But i think apple will probably get into wearable technology in some fashion in 2014. and it will be big, it will be good, and well designed.

Wearable technology -- when we say watch, maybe we don't really know what they think a watch will be.

Didn't tim cook's memo for 2014 get leaked?

Exciting things for 2014 -- i think he is on a very good track despite the loss of jobs, who we mourn.

Apple is still an innovative company with the best technology hardware bar none.

And a very high price point.

Let's get to our agenda as we take look at some of the stories shaping the day.

You have a lot of economic data coming up.

Durable goods at 8:30 a.m. frames my agenda.

We have been spending more as consumers, particularly this time of year.

When the company start spending

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