Amazon's Smartphone: Four Cameras, 3D Screen

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Amazon is set to unveil a new smartphone tomorrow. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brad Stone and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson report on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Than any journal out there.

What clue does this give?

It is a metaphor for how amazon wants to be viewed and how it views its competitors.

The phone these days look and work very much alike there he wants to do something different.

The phone will have a 3-d screen, and watch of cameras were the purpose of bouncing infrared signals, protecting the image very we will see if it is enough to actually attract smartphone buyers eric can amazon do this well?

Amazon has a building in the headquarters there where they have been working on hardware rochester were quite a while.

We have seen kindle in many arenas.

Different devices and a lot of different technology unique to the kindle.

We have seen their attempt at television.

They are also willing to accept that they might be the only business in the world really willing to do something with lower margins from others are phone carriers.

At his right.

They are very patient.

We have seen in all the categories the first urgent of a new category from amazon.

They never knocked it out of the art.

The first kindle fire did not get alert reviews.

Bezos has such control over the company, he can really invest without shareholders and there.

What we will do tomorrow in the smart own category is the beginning but they will continue to reiterate.

Class can amazon's bottom line be changed by the phone question mark -- phone?

They are investing heavily.

If you get closer to the customer, you do not have to go through a google or an apple.

You get the awesome or who owns the phone to buy more because they are maybe in stores taking pictures of products.

Perhaps over the long-term -- it could change the top line.

The way a phone from amazon, which has so many customers already know what so many very part of mission or the customers come the credit history of the is him a big -- customers, a big hurdle.

It could be massive in the way people carry their phones around . the have not taken off in the same way eric s we were looking at the height phones in years past.

From google, facebook first, black hairy, google's nexus, the windows phone has not done very well, you could argue.

Who is to say this would be one of those?

Wesley will never know.

Amazon does not really disclose its hardware sales.

They may sell through at&t stores, but rarely they will sell a lot of these phones themselves on their web i. he still do not know about candle.

As long as that business has been so important to them, we still do not know the actual hard numbers and how that works.

The smart phone market in the united it is saturating.

The real growth is happening in developing markets.

I think that is one of amazon's core strengths, its willingness to go and sub that eyes the hardware else, to get very creative with data plans.

They rolled out a music service earlier the month.

They are trying to set up different services and the innovative on prices and capabilities.

It is one way as it was done in china, that amazon can really differentiate.

Class an issue that is orton here, amazon -- important here, amazon is getting lower prices.

What we know about customers using smartphones, those were left user conscious.

Iphone users spent more on lan -- online amazon users.

Amazon might go with a lower price phone, they might get customers who do not shop is much, when their goal is not just to drive revenue or a phone business, for what they do not get with a cheaper phone, with a better phone they might get that.

Good or bad news for at&t? vice the reason was not because they only wanted to be available through at&t. there are only so many chips they could design.

We will see if at&t is selling the phones.

Amazon does not like to surrender that market.

Is a him he is following -- holding that in their stores, it is hotly good.

Redstone, off your he everything store.

You will be in seattle tomorrow.

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