Will Amazon’s Fire Phone Set the World on Fire?

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson reports on Amazon’s new $199 Fire Phone. (Source: Bloomberg)

This is money clip on bloomberg television.

We are streaming live everywhere, online, on your tablet, on apple tv and now on fire tv.

Amazon wants in on the smart phone wars.

Yesterday it announced a new 190 nine dollar phone.

It is available on at&t starting next month.

Amazon founder and billionaire jeff bezos played the role of steve jobs with the showman hat.

Here is his two and a half hour presentation cut down to two minutes.

Let's start with the basics.

Gorgeous, refined.

Premium materials.

Four point seven inches.

Absolutely gorgeous.

A lot of power under the hood.

We put a huge amount of attention and energy into making this camera.

13 megapixels, superfast.

I'll tickle image -- optical image stabilization.

The lens is adjusted 100 times per minute.

You see it here in super slow motion.

A counteracts the natural hand tremor that all humans have.

Services matter.

It is not just the hardware.

We have more than 200,000 videos.

You can play it on your tv, your xbox, any mobile device.

Your library is now a million songs bigger than it was last week.

I am going to demo something we call firefly.

I hold the firefly button and it starts recognizing things.

Phone number, book, dvd, code, cd, game, kosher salt, barcode, book, kindle edition, paperback, audio book, firefly could not only see.

Firefly can listen.

Firefly can recognize tv shows and art.

The fire phone is going to be offered exclusively by at&t. we are making our model 32

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