Will Ads on Instagram Turn Off Users?

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) –- TBG Digital CEO and Founder Simon Mansell discusses the look and feel of ads on Instagram. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The chinese internet market was very different from u.s. internet market.

For more on this exclusive interview with baidu's robin li, be sure to check out "bloomberg west" next week right here on bloomberg tv.

Ads are on the way to instagram.

There will be a sponsored label and the top right corner.

Instagram says it will allow sample ads in the coming weeks.

It is starting with a handful of brands that have great numbers for the instagram community.

Will these ads lend to the instagram experience i will it turn users off?

-- or will it turn users off?

This is an example of what the ads will look like.

What do you think?

For the advertising industry in general, getting their hands on the users of instagram, we describe it to our client as exciting.

Do you think users will react well to these?

You always have the vocal few who will complain, but the reality is they are getting the service for free.

That needs to be paid for.

Most people are not put off by tv ads.

They still watch tv and use facebook and twitter.

Overall, it will make a difference to the user growth.

They can hide ads.

How much a do you think that will help with experience?

In our experience, not many people get feedback on the ads.

Not many people hide them.

If you are one of those vocal few who do not like them and you cannot hide them -- compared to facebook and twitter and google, what unique advantages are disadvantages this instagram have when it comes to being an ad platform for advertisers?

67% are women.

It is one of the most popular ops downloaded on the iphone.

-- apps downloaded on the iphone.

Huge potential for reaching all of those people.

Be careful about the types of ads that they feature.

They have selected advertisers based on the content that they publish.

Have a skill that will be one of the challenges.

Make sure your stream is not filled with ads of fat, but the core fashion photography that people love instagram four.

Scaling the quality of imagery, it will be a challenge.

I'm sure they will overcome that.

Talk about the scaling.

They will start with a handful of brands.

How quickly will that ramp?

Almost all of my clients are asking me.

There will be a lot of demand.

It will be the instagram carefully selecting the companies of the brand you're using it in a fresh way.

They want to promote a quality experience.

They will have the pick of the bunch.

Bill gradually add advertisers mainly based on the quality of the content and videos that those advertisers publish.

-- they will gradually add advertisers mainly based on the quality of the content and videos that those advertisers publish.

Will they have data to better target the ad?

They probably have the best targeting in the market.

I'm sure similar targeting will be available in instagram.

It will be sold by the same salesforce.

There'll be a large of -- there will be a lot of targeting capability.

I'm sure that will be a good opportunity.

Twitter is about to go public.

Instagram is about to debut ads.

How is the ad landscape changing over the next year?

Will we see dramatic changes?

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