Will a New `Brain-Like' Computer Chip Save IBM?

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Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- IBM’s engineers have come up with a way computer chips can think more like humans. Bloomberg's Alex Barinka and Cory Johnson explain on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


I assume we are a long way off from a real brain chip.

This is the first iteration.

It is 100 neurons or grant to -- programmed.

The previous chip is x so i must do y. this is like your brain.

All of these things going on.

Let me recognize this is matt.

It cannot feel emotion.

It won't no love?

Who will among us?

The chip is more like my feeble brain than alex's. what is interesting is the way it is designed is to do multiple groups of processing instead of processing in a row.

It has been a trend in semiconductor design to do multi-processes at the same time.

This will tackle a single task but use groups of transistors at the same moment to come up with different ways to solve different kinds of problems.

It is an intriguing design.

It is just a notion.

It is a scientific paper.

It is not a product yet.

It shows you what is required to be in the chip business.

It requires an enormous amount of research imagining the future of computing.

It is one of the reasons why this division for ibm loses money.

Ibm is averaging to sell this division because it takes so much -- ivm is efforting to sell this division because it takes so much.

What can we do with this technology?

Have they said anything about the possible uses?

I think about self driving cars which would require multiple functions at once.

One example they pointed out is looking at video footage.

It could recognize this is a person on screen doing something.

Maybe in a car backup camera where you need to see your kid is behind you quickly and be able to function through that computing power quickly and at low power.

These chips operate with as little power as a hearing aid.

Usually faster means more power.

This is another breakthrough they are citing in this report.

Is the brain thing for media hype?

So far, i am not understanding how it is a brain like chip.

If i had that kind of chip, maybe i would understand better.


I have not proven if it is commercially viable.

The brainiacs aret ibm are saying this is possible, wouldn't this be great.

Execution will be huge if this will be able to function like a brain versus the quick tips out there.

Does this excite you?

Ibm stories do.

Because it is a story that is struggling.

They are desperately trying to unload this business.

The real issue is not coming up with better ways to make chips the real issue for ibm is coming up with better ways to make their foundries function better.

They have spent so much money on these foundries that are foundering.

They need to fix or unload that business.

That was bad.

Vomcome on.

Foundering foundries.

Thanks for joining us.

It is not a chip that can

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