Will #8 Prove Lucky for Alibaba?

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June 4 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker discusses Alibaba targeting August 8 for its U.S. trading debut with Jonathan Ferro on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Source with knowledge of the matter.

We look at why that company is looking to go on 8-8. typically an ipo at this stage of the process would not even look at a calendar, but 8-8 is a lucky number for the chinese, so the cofounders here are looking at this and saying maybe this will give us more wealth, good luck, a good omen as we debut in the markets for the first time.

They are looking at august 8. this is, of course, a temporary target because so many factors could come up and delay this from being a trading day.

Now let's talk about the reality of the market in summer.

Low volume, not great for an ipo.

Not great historically, but this is an ipo as investors see as when they can't miss.

It would be one of the biggest ever to come to the u.s. so if an investor says sorry, boss, i am headed to the hamptons and can't be at this roadshow, it is not going to look so good, so they do have some power in that respect.

That said, they are rational people and if they don't see that they are getting enough investor interest, they will postpone until september.

Lucky for them, nine is also a lucky number.

Anything else impress you?

Not so much about the value, but we are still awaiting comments from the fcc.

The 30 day window is up on friday.

Anytime after friday we could see new tidbits of information.

We will look for more nuggets we can report on, but as of right now, it is still many meetings, many pitches, and something we will stay on top of.

You talk about 8-8 and the fact they would list on that day because of omens, but do western investors get this, the culture behind it and the value within?

What is going to make alibaba differing?

Alibaba's difference, main differentiating factor is its mass scale and size.

It has $250 billion worth of things purchased on its platform.

That is larger than the e-commerce market.

The potential growth in china, that is what investors point to and say i have to be part of theseis ipo.

That said, there is a significant risk in investing in a chinese ipo.

You're investing in a contract, not a company and you could lose all your money if the government decides to and that contract.

Thank you very much.

For more on the markets, i will be back tomorrow.

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