Will 2020 Bring First Muslim Olympics?

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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Barlcays geopolitical strategist Helima Croft comments on Turkey's bid to host the 2020 Olympics. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Muslim olympics.

I think it would be fantastic in terms of promoting turkey.

Turkey claims leadership in the arab spring promoting the democratic -- muslim model.

It has taken some hits after what has happened in egypt.

This would be a great to put the turkish brands out there.

There is that music in our heads.

Nbc makes money.

It depends on where they hold the games.

If they are in a times unfriendly to the u.s., they make more more money but if they go to tokyo -- if you are any of the broadcast partners for the olympics, you love to have it in a market where you can tap into the u.s. advertising.

The asian games presents a challenge.

Sydney, australia was terrible.

That was tough.

If it was up to the nbc executives, it would be in los angeles every four years.

It is all about helping nbc promote all their properties.

It is great programming every four years and it is something they have held onto.

How long has it been?

We associate the olympics with nbc.

It is coming up for bid.

Other partners are thinking of getting into the olympics.

It has always been nbc.

It has been their marquee sports event even when they lost nfl football.

I think you will start seeing some other broadcast partners look at it.

I think fox will be more aggressive.

They need a lot of channels.

Nbc can play all kinds of sports of the same time because they have so many different channels.

That's right, what you see from the international olympic committee, they want every event shown all the time live a possible.

If you sit back, you've got these cable channels, you can put a lot of programs on.

At the time new york city was potentially looking to host the olympics and new yorkers were big it was a -- were thinking it was a big pain, when a city like his temple potentially wins the olympics, they want to be doing this?

I think it would be fantastic for turkey.

It is about the turkish brands and promoting a place for investment.

I think it would rally the country.

They are the least known but the economic study shows it does not have a boost to tourism because everybody saves to go those two weeks and they don't go earlier or later so it evens out.

Why are there note u.s. cities in this horse race?

Atlanta lost 2 billion dollars total.

Sydney lost almost five.

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