Will 2014 Be Another Year of Sequels?

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Horizon Media Inc., Senior Vice President of Research Brad Adgate discusses the state of the movie industry and the number of sequels coming out of Hollywood in the coming year with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That was a scene from the latest hobbit film.

It was a big performer on christmas day and has generated $150 million for the box office.

The holiday season has been littered with sequels.

2013 may just be a warm-up for what we will see next year.

Brad covers the media for verizon and he joins us now in new york.

I look at this list of planned sequels and it is long.

Transformers, spiderman, night at the museum.

Another hobbit movie.

Will this be a bigger year than 2013? it could very well be.

The sequels work.

If you look at the five top grossing films of 20's -- 2013, they are all sequels.

Led by ironman three and hunger games, they are from marvel comments.

A lot are animated series.

They lend themselves to a lot of merchandising and they lead to build in recognition factors.

There are dollars to be made.

You mentioned the top grossing films of 2013. if you put together sequels and reboots, like iron man three and man of steel, they do dominate the category.

It does not seem all that creative, though.

Is hollywood on autopilot?

That is sort of the criticism.

It is kind of on autopilot.

It is a different model.

It is just a verse.

You see some of the shows like the lone ranger that was kind of a show, more like a reboot, i suppose.

That failed.

You had 47 ronan.

They will take a write-down on them.

There are risks involved.

It is not necessarily a slamdunk.

Some of these things like transformers next year will be a reboot.

It is with mark wahlberg instead of child above.

There are risks in that.

The bourne legacy did not do as well with matt damon.

On the flip side, if you take "wolf of wall street" or " secret life of walter mitty"," these are not reboots.

Virtually every movie made today, not all, virtually all is written with a sequel in mind.

If you look at something like hercules or dwayne johnson, here

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