Wieting: Here's How the S&P 500 Gets to 1,975

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May 16 (Bloomberg) –- Citigroup's Steven Wieting discusses the catalysts that'll push the S&P 500 Index to 1,975 by year-end with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The earnings and economic growth has relatively little competition from other assets.

There's nowhere else to put your money?

This is the mature bull market.

This is very unlike late 2000 where the market traded at roughly double the valuation you see now.

The valuation of stocks has come down a bit we have seen earnings rise more than share prices since 2007. that was early in the recovery.

We think the bull market is much more mature.

In europe, you have an earlier stage of recovery and lower valuations.

Wax we are deathly going to get to the european stocks as well, but in the united states, what is undervalued?

American industrial firms, transportation firms, financials.

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