Why Zillow Would Want to Buy Rival Site Trulia

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Zillow is seeking to acquire rival Trulia, people with knowledge of the matter said, in a move to combine the two most-visited U.S. real estate websites. Shares of both companies jumped. Jeffrey McCracken reports on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

And jeff joins me now.

A big deal.

It is.

The dollar value, roughly $2 billion, $10 billion deals get ripped off every week.

It is small and in dollar value.

I have used both sites themselves.

People are going to wonder, will it be easily oh -- what will the name be?

We are talking about eyeballs.

The story you and alex have on bloomberg.com and the bloomberg terminal, more than 85 million unique visitors in june.

85% of the market is controlled by the two.

The consensus in their -- is there real potentially be two players here and we thought, at this point, they are number one and number two.

People are coming in all the time, some focusing on the writing side, so i think it is a realization that they probably will be perpetually number two.

Let's bring it with number one right now where the shares are up and financing is there.

What do they bring to the potential marriage?

A lot is the size in the eyeballs.

They have strength in different parts of the country in different consumers.

You bring them together and you will dominate the market at least for a time.

Financing is readily available.

You look at the shares.

We are used to target shares.

They are spiking lay-up.

-- spiking way up.

What does this say about online real estate?

Real estate picked up quite a bit.

Prices are up 25% in the last year or so.

A good time to be investing in real estate.

You will probably see more deals, whether we are talking about homebuilders and home product makers, another industry where emmett a is soaring these -- m&a is soaring.

Thank you so much.

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