Why You’ll Never Want to Eat Farm-Raised Salmon

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May 23 (Bloomberg) –- Sushi Nakazawa’s Alessandro Borgognone and Neil Covington dicuss salmon demand and sourcing wild salmon for sushi. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What does it mean when you go to the restaurant and you want to eat thinkgs like su sushi?

Welcome to our salmon special.

Thank you.

Your restaurant is impossible to get a reservation.

I once asked what is the hottest restaurant in new york, and that is the first when he said.

Thank you.

Tell me about the demand that your restaurant has and how you use the fish.

Considering that it is not used in japanese cuisine, it is something that is really american.

The restaurant is brought out miley -- is predominantly while products.

When we speak about salmon come out of the whole salmon industry only two percent of the is wild.

Real, wild salmon.

Those numbers are really difficult to get the product at we need at a restaurant.

How do you do it?

If only two percent of your options are there for your food -- what do you do?

At two percent is worldwide.

The alaskan government controls how -- you were talking about hatcheries, they do a little but of hatchery, they run up the river, they spawn, and they threw a couple of hatcheries and end a swim back out.

They just boost the breeding.

They are trying to increase the population.

Do you have relationships with specific fishermen?

Fish purveyor.

We use a couple of different ones.

We use sea to table, that works directly with fishermen that make sure we can get the best product possible.

Are you hanging out with them all the time?

Constant indication.

I know the day before what they have, this size, the quality, so i know what i'm getting.

Have you ever been in the position where you needed to get fish and you could not?


it is there.

It might not be the same fish, but there are plenty of kinds of salmon as well as trout.

You're able to substitute things that are seasoned.

Everything has a price.

My grandmother went refused to eat atlantic salmon, is the taste different?

It is totally different.

After eating totally while products, i could not go back to farm products.

The natural flavors really stand out.

It is not heavy in fat, you do not have that fishing is that you would think of when dealing with salmon.

It is really mellow and very beautiful.

Are you scared of farm salmon?

I have a question -- would you want to eat something that is basically manipulated and fed all sorts of handmade products?

It depends on where it came from.

In my experience, in maine the regulations are very tight.

I would be more apt to believe that that something else.

I want some dude to stand in the ice cold water in his waiters and catch me my dinner -- waders and catch me my dinner.

But some people are just not that informed about the industry.

Was i wrong about how they catch the fish?

They do troll fishing, they have one long line with a lot of lines off of it.

You have 20 lines on one long string.

You will have to ramp up your fishing expertise.

What is your prediction for salmon demand and consumption over the next few years?

It is growing.

In 2013 the u.s. itself actually consumed 280,000 tons of salmon.

We believe by 2018 the demand is going to probably double.

We are going to be talking about salmon all day.

What are the hottest -- i've been eating sushi for a long time, but lane vanilla type of california roll.

What are the most exciting stuff that people are buying?

We have a tasting menu, and what ais fresh that day is what we serve.

But what people are familiar with is our salmon and arjuna, a wild scallop that comes to massachusetts.

Our menu is 150 per person per bar.

People are lining up anyway.

We are giving 21 pieces of sushi for $150. prices are at a two decade high, how do you work with that volatility?

We insert other products that allow our menu to be

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