Why Whitey Bulger Attracts Hollywood Heavyweights

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July 1 (Bloomberg) –- Academy Award-Nominated Director Joe Berlinger discusses his new film and his fascination with the story of Whitey Bulger. He speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

With the story and in many ways, and you resistible tale.

He was at the top of boston's underworld for 25 years, not even so much a stopped for a traffic ticket.

Massachusetts state police are closing in saying enough is enough and the fbi tipped them off and he goes on the lam for 16 years.

It is an amazing story of crime and potential corruption.

Another thing that has fascinated me is i have never seen a contemporary bad guys so into the cultural mythmaking machine.

He has over a dozen books about him, johnny depp is shooting a movie about him.

The jack nicholson character in the department is loosely based on whitey.

Responsible for brutal murders and extortions and all sorts of criminality almost made into a euro.

Why do you think that is.

I think the conventional wisdom is that he was aided and abetted by the f dei and allow to live a life of crime.

He basically got away with murder.

Even though he has now finally been brought to justice and the subject of my last -- of my movie was last summer's trial.

The reality is he was sentenced to two life terms.

This has rolled out in new york.

New york and boston.

It is a slow art-house release but we will open in l.a. july 11 and a couple of other cities.

It is also available on itunes.


This is new to me.

Magnolia pictures, the releasing company has specialized in day and date release where it is available in theaters and also immediately available on dod platforms.

Even though we first opened on friday and the movie is available in a number of theaters, it is also the number one film on -- number one documentary on itunes.

Is interesting because a lot of people say you're cannibalizing your audience.

That would be my gut instinct but this is a new way of releasing movies and magnolia believes that -- and has proven that there are two distinct audiences.

There are groups of people that want to see art-house films in the movie theater.

Frankly, i long for those days.

There is a whole other audience consuming films online.

People have nice home theaters and it is hard if you have a child and you pay for the babysitter and buy the tickets, it's easier for people to watch at home because the quality is there.

Check it out.

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