Why We're Not Facing Another Tech Bubble

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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Leslie Picker explains why we're not facing another tech bubble. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Bankers would point to those levels and say we are not quite as frothy as 1999. that said, it is trending higher basis from 2008. it is not like it is normal, per se.

And to the bankers credit, they do have earnings.

Twitter is making money.

Tesla is making money.

What are investors telling you?

I can understand the anchor's viewpoint, but what are investors telling you?

-- i can understand the bankers viewpoint, but what are the investors telling you?

The average back then is age for.

The company would go public after about four years.

Today, companies are about 12 years old.

The valuations are based on things like revenue growth.

Back then, it was harder to estimate revenue growth because you could not really see where that was.

The companies now have three rounds of funding before they go public.

Really quickly, any regulatory environment push back from washington on some of these ipos coming up?

No pushback from washington, but with the job at -- the jobs act, that is about two years old now.

Some will say it is easier for companies to go public, because they can file confidentially and report fewer years of financials.

But so far, washington is sitting by and watching.

Well done, as always, linzie picker.

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