Why We Are All QE-sians Now

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Single Best Chart,” Scarlet Fu examines the balance sheets at four major central banks. (Source: Bloomberg)

Ratings go down he is not there.


An interesting single best chart.

The news flow is important.

Both the ecb and bank of england make right decision today.

Our single best chart shows the balance sheet of the four biggest central banks in the world.

"we are all qe-sians now." when the bank enters qe, it will take longer to shrink its balance sheet.

Look at the ecb's greenline, shrinking fast by over $1.3 billion since 2012. given the data we have seen, and the yield performance on the german tenure and two-year, maybe that changes.

The major calculus is the slope of the blue line, up, up, and away.

The green line is a bundesbank influenced draghi.

There was a paper by the bank of japan that distinguished between pure qe, just including the balance sheet, and conference of easing -- com prehensive easing, the balance sheet and bad assets.

The green line, they vacuumed up a lot of bad assets, now they are done.

There are real disagreements.

Jonathan ferro is going to come on, blah, blah.

Draghi has to answer for italy's recession given that green -- bring the chart again.

Given the green line.

What's not in this picture?

I think that is "sesame street." mario draghi has been effective in not putting up a lot of money, he has been doing it in words.

Whatever it takes to save the euro.

We keep asking mario draghi for a solution because monetary policy is the only policy going.

We should be asking the heads of state to get together and figure out some sort of stimulus.

They have a fiscal problem, not a monetary problem.

From your time in brussels, is this a bundesbank-influenced dialogue?


There is this sort of jockeying for position over who gets to be president of the commission.

It is baloney.

Thank you!

Angela merkel is the president of europe.

Everybody looks to her.

Germany's problem within europe is that it will not recognize the authority it has.

It holds the key to photos,

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