Why Visa Is One for the Brave

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May 21 (Bloomberg) -- Chris Godding, Chief Investment Officer at Signia Wealth, discusses the outlook for markets and his subsequent investing strategy. He speaks with Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Have of you.

You are prepared to short a little more euro, so you begin to believe that is a position you might want to add to.

It is difficult.

A lot of people have been caught on the wrong side of that trade.

It looks expensive.

It is going to be key.

It is an interesting trade in a sense that it is overvalued.

If we start to see deflation come a concern it is a good hedge.

If central-bank policy is successful they are one of the key targets.

It is damaging the economy.

I find it fascinating.

In the energy space you have gone with halliburton.

What are you thinking now?

It is selling it to the oil companies.

That is what halliburton does.

We have had this for nearly two years now.

It has been a long story.

These are the companies that are really helping to develop the unconventional sales in the u.s. on the tech side, there is this debate between consumer tech and enterprise, and it is something i asked people.

You go with priceline.

You say that is your preferred e-commerce.

It is very much the retail side you are betting.

That is a good point.

We are interested in the equipment.

On the e-commerce side priceline had nearly 40% growth.

It is trading around 23 times forward numbers.

To us it is a really good story.

I am going to squeeze this in.


We have seen the consumer credit numbers really struggle in the cold winter and the u.s. the numbers visa released were not great, but we think it is at the low end of its valuation range and the momentum should improve.

One for the braves.

Great to have you with us.

Come back and see us soon.

Coming up, burberry beats its four-year forecast, but it's not all.

We look at the new ceo's strategy coming up next.

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