Why Verizon May Be Interested in Intel's TV Startup

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Verizon is near an agreement to purchase Intel’s Internet-based pay-TV startup, according to people familiar with the discussions. Jon Erlichman and Jeffrey Hayzlett comment on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Glad the tax break is so big.

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Let's live have breaking news involving verizon.

We will go right out to jon erlichman in california.

We can tell you that bloomberg news -- verizon is very close to acquiring intel's tv project.

There could be an announcement as soon as next week.

This is a really big deal.

There is so much fascination and you guys were talking about the future of television and apple creating its own full-scale television.

Intel has been working on it and telling us about it.

They are very close to selling it to verizon.

That is a major development.

There is a new ceo, and when he took over, he looked at this project, which started in some ways as a way for intel to showcase the power of its technology and see how it could be demonstrated through something like television, but the challenge for intel is not just the cost involved, but the retail role that would be required.

Ad is not something that intel traditionally does.

That is not the way we operate, why can't we find a partner who already has content right to work on a deal?

They looked at a partnership idea and it has resulted in the ultimate they'll of this business to verizon.

-- sale of this business to verizon.

By the way, why is verizon paying up for this?

If you think about what verizon has with files, here is something that competes.

You guys were talking about directv, while the is the main nice footprint in video.

They have the content.

They become a nice fit for this technology.

Verizon is only available in certain markets.

If you want to roll out more markets, that is a big cost.

There is a lot of infrastructure involved.

The technology that intel has does not require that an kind of build up.

They could offer this service in a lot of markets without incurring a big infrastructure costs.

Jon erlichman joining us with breaking news about verizon.

Jeff, i want to go straight to you.

You have verizon expanding, and you are trying to build on what you can offer, and then there is intel, which cannot seem to go beyond.

They had a hard time getting into mobile.

It is a smart move by verizon.

Anything that increases their volume, and a move into technology where they have a bigger bio, -- buyout, that is a

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