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July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Apploi Founder and CEO Adam Lewis discusses an app that changes the way companies hire on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Estimates, but the numbers just don't add up.

We have 12 million unemployed americans and four million jobs waiting to be filled.

His app says they can fix it one job at a time.

They use location tracking and automatic resumes to connect job seekers to open positions nearby.

Great to have you here on "street smart." tell us exactly what you did.

We have had technology in this space for about four years, different technologies.

A high name asked us to roll this out for hourly working.

I want it see what in that situation.

It's very different than the corporate game.

I went undercover in new york city and went to the application process.

One store gave me a piece of receipt paper.

I took out my phone and i tried lying.

It was not optimized for a smart phone.

The second store, i was lining up about 50 other people waiting to get my five minutes with the manager and given a six-page form to fill out while waiting.

They just kind of dropped off as time passed and i never made it.

I'm thinking, this is ridiculous.

So many jobs are open.

Out of 195,000 jobs open, nearly half are in a service and support industry.

Leisure and support industries have about 112.000. with lots of turnovers.

You effectively created a program, a nap i can get on my phone and it helps me find where companies are hiring -- an app i cn getabnn get on my phone.

These types of demographics are already there.

They want to stand in the street and they want to see what stores, with places around them are hiring.

They don't want to be traveling more than five miles to look for an hourly position.

Goto settings, enable current location, hit go and it says, these seven companies, were seven retailers are all hiring right now.


And it tells you how far you are.

You can literally go from one to another.

There are two domain components to it.

I found that for every application going through, i was filling of the same application time and time again.

Career history, education.

We should try to create an easy way for a job seeker just to swipe for that.

They can take other phone and apply and swipe the information in one syndicate strip much more interactive piece.

We thought by giving interactive scenarios to the worker it is much more beneficial.

They can listen to an angry customer, for example and they can given audio situation.

Why can i not bring my dog in the story?

And then i have to explain how they will to calm the angry customer down.

It sounds like a good application, but you have to have demand.

Who is using it?

We launched it literally two months ago and we are speaking to several very large household names already.

Do not want to share?

If you pop into one of the new york city locations, you will see a kiosk in the store.

It's very important for this worker to not only be able to apply from anywhere but actually show a presence in the store.

A lot of retail hiring is given to the responsibility of a general manager of a store and there is often a risk there.

A corporate level, you have experienced recruiters and you know what you're looking for to maintain the brand.

When it drops down to the store level, sometimes it gets diluted.

By putting in a system like this, we have anchors.

We have psychologists on the team.

Once a candidate has gone through the application, and automatically scores and filters them according to specific metrics and anchors in the back end of the system.

Make sure you are hiring the best people for.

It works both ways.

It's a filter for the employer and it's a front end for access if you're looking for a job.

If you're talking about you mean with -- teaming up with large retailers we know, whether it is a burger king, walmart, starbucks, banana republic, companies that are hiring thousands of people around the country, and a perfect world, that would be her type of customer.

That's it.

Technology solutions are all geared toward management, corporate environment.

Hold on.

A lot of the jobs open are not geared towards that type of jobs in a different type of solution is needed.

They advertise a specific time to come in and meet with a push you back to the website, like if you're applying for software developer at ibm . what is the barrier for entry?

Are you anticipating there will be a lot more competition?

This kind of market is going to change.

It makes a lot of sense.

It's not an easy thing to create this.

We've been building an hr and jobs technology for four year so we understand what's going on.

We have a mechanism to not to allow them to put their information in but on the backend do adjusting things about the recruiters don't have to spend as much time reviewing applications.

Adam, have a question for you.

You mention scoring, but is there still a concern that the employers could still be resume bond -- bombed, so you have people with the same score but you spend all day sifting through this resume pile.

What about things like our ground checks, references.

Will these be able to be integrated into your platform?

-- what about things like background checks?

You cannot do resume bombing.

Not like when you do with a job board.

With this, you have to go through second component of the interview, set by the company.

The standard piece in the beginning, the past boards section, and then it's interactive and they go in and set their own template and questions.

You actually have to spend a few minutes answering those questions, things like when would you be available to work.

If you cannot do the sunday shift that is needed, you are not a good candidate even if you have the right skill set.

For the background check, we have an integration with a very large background checking company through the backend of the system, we have a traffic color light, red, yellow, green, if they cannot pass certain types of tests, like drug tests.

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