Why Tesla Opened Its Patents to Rivals

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June 13 (Bloomberg) -- Barclays' Brian Johnson and Bloomberg's Alan Ohnsman discuss Elon Musk pledging that inventions on his Tesla cars and batteries will be free for anyone to use “in good faith.” They speak with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

If you listen to the conference, it sounded a lot more like you wound up with cross license agreement.

He cited that ford and toyota cross license each other.

It might have been a little less altruistic than it sounded full one of the key challenges is building up this network.

To have other automakers producing these rings, he was talking to bmw.

They let their drivers do it.

It was no different than henry ward letting rockefeller built gas stations.

He wants to do a lot of things himself.

He let rockefeller do that.

Part of getting the electric car to catch on is having more and more people using it.

I look at the example with ethanol.

Back in the 1970's, brazil as a nation worried that it was going to struggle on the energy front.

They recognize that they had plenty of sugarcane.

They decided to embark on a program for sugarcane ethanol.

Part of that program meant that they required every single gas station in the country to have at least one ethanol,. consequently, you go to brazil and most of the cars are run on ethanol.

It is very matter of fact.

If you look at the left her car industry, the need is a molar was?

Maybe this is something that is ultimately behind the elon musk move.

You raise a good point.

Infrastructure has been a critical barrier.

Whether it is elon musk or other people at nissan, this is been cited repeatedly.

I am here in los angeles and california has the best public infrastructure you will find in the united dates.

It is still not enough.

It is not enough for them to consider giving up a gasoline car to try on electric car.

Your point about the supercharger network, they are very interesting.

They work differently than the other established charging systems.

He has said he would like other companies to take a look.

There was a meeting this week with bmw.

A work urging them to collaborate.

If you had a more widely available rapid charging.

That would encourage more people to consider a car.

It could be one benefit.

To your point about government, in europe they are a lot more hung up on there being one charging standard.

You have tesla here and other german automakers there.

Part of this is just bringing that together.

We are a bit more tolerant of anarchy when it comes to that.

It is ordered and.

How will it work now with his cancer out there?

Will we see?

His patents are out there.

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