Why Teaching Entrepreneurship Keeps Kids in School

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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Founder and CEO of Build Suzanne McKechnie Klahr discusses teaching entrepreneurship to disadvantaged students on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

To be here in the studio.

So may people in tech support you guys.

You feel that teaching kids entrepreneurial skills is the key to keeping them in school.

Peoples of port us into because of the power of entrepreneurship.

We have been really fortunate that our supporters span from early entrepreneurs to new entrepreneurs in silicon valley.

We have found that entrepreneurship is a powerful vehicle to becoming successful.

It forces people to take risks, fall down, and get back up.

A lot of kids are not inspired by high school, but they are inspired by making money.

You are teaching them how to make your own businesses.

Why would that make them stay in school, rather than drop out?

It is all about making school relevant.

For lower income students, high school has no meaning.

If you can show the learning math will help with making money and how writing a business plan can be help full, and we have an amazing mentorship plan.

They get role models who have gone from high school to college and on to success.

You are in 20 schools across the country.

You are trying to get to more.

We think it is a critical time for bills -- build.

Everyone is talking about getting through high school and entering the workforce.

In academia, everyone is talking about the importance of resiliency.

All of the skills that entrepreneurs typically have.

We feel like we need to embed our program in hundreds of thousands of schools to serve millions of kids.

We are trying to stem the dropout tide.

What is your success rate?

We are very excited about the fact that 99% of the kids who go through our program graduate-oh.

90 for -- 95% go on to college.

We are serving students who are disadvantaged and disengaged.

Entrepreneurship has inspired many net -- ignited their passion for school.

I i have seen kids from your programs speak and it is incredibly moving.

I have been interested in you guys since last year.

This year there is a ceo from contrast, what kind of support do these people give you?

Did they give you money, do they give you time?

We are selfish and we ask for everything.

They invest in our program, but they also give time.

These are role models for students.

I believe that some of these entrepreneurs did not all of high school, but they all loved creating something and innovation.

That is what we are training our kids to do.

Not each child will become an entrepreneur, but we wanted to have that entrepreneurial mind that -- mindset.

We think that the entrepreneurs see themselves and our kids.

That's your big fundraising gala is his weekend.

They are auctioning off an internship with interest.

I would love that.

We are really excited about that.

It is an opportunity for someone to have a week with the ceo of interest -- interest -- pi nterest.

We are hoping it goes great time and money.

We will be there covering it.

Thanks so much for joining us today here on bloomberg west.

Thank you all for watching this

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