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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Sosh CEO Rishi Mandal discusses his company’s app that helps answer the question, “What should we do?” He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Online lives are so connect a full we are expecting a runner to be fact and beautifully designed.

We are spending time with family and ends, eggs wearing these the around us.

We do not have the products off-line.

What if we could build a company where we used technology to engage with the off-line world.

I spoke to one of your investors a new years ago.

He said that sosh was one of his first investments.

He could not believe i did not know what the company was.

You are grabbing friends, you wonder where to go, is that right level of -- there isn't anything.

With sosh, we help answer that question.

A curates a lot of activities out.

It is the top 10% of things.

People think that it is the coolest.

You are a nasa astrophysicist.

Why would you work on a social mobile app?

And that is a good question.

That feedback about 15-20 years.

To watch my dad and his company go from three guys in a garage to selling for millions of dollars, i learned there was something about being creative.

Astrophysics is cool, but it is mostly interpretive.

It is not creative.

I am a tech person.

I like to create angst.

-- things.

How will you make money?

The business is predicated on understanding people interest and have it.

-- habit.

When you understand how people move around the city and what they are looking or, then you can start to do some really interesting angst.

-- things.

Maybe you want to go to flower + water, which is a great restaurant in san francisco.

They live on their blog somewhere in the corner of the web.

But we can recommend that restaurant to the right people.

Maybe 100 people bookmark it and 12 people go.

We think that the business year isn't helping create a bridge -- is in helping create a bridge.

You are based in san francisco.

We have discussed the tensions between the technology industry and people in san francisco.

I think the tension is worrying.

We can do a lot more on our side.

It is really exciting for me.

5sosh does bridge that gap in a lot of ways.

There is an amazing ironman triathlete who offers a laugh in san francisco.

She posts the thing on a tiny window of the yoga studio.

It is a tiny piece of paper and it never fills up.

But when sosh find out about that, we will encourage people to go.

700 people sought and a hundred people clicked on it.

For her, the class sold out.

That is an amazing opportunity to make a living and connected able.

People who are not necessarily intact.

-- in tech.

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