Why Richard Branson Is Invincible

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Feb. 7 (Bloomberg) –- LinkedIn Executive Director Dan Roth reacts to some word associations on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to "street smart." i am adam johnson.

And i'm julie hyman.

Dan roth is also here, our guest host for the hour.

And also one of his influencers, people who make a difference -- we had to have you come on, shane.

You had this these -- "richard sherman should have my job." he of coors was the wide receiver for the seattle seahawks.

You say that this guy was on his game.


First of all, i'm from seattle.

I thought that football game was one of the best super bowl's of all time.

After watching that interview, i spent a lot of time talking about what works and does not work in digital.

We look at the traffic on social media.

I asked my guys to look at the comments about richard sherman.

During the game, after the interview, the next week.

The story was to medically different.

Before the interview, the polite tim.

50% positive.

After the interview, anyone with kids said no way.

I don't want this guy around my kids.

He is crazy.

As the story unfolded, people realized this is a very smart man.

Graduated second in his class in high school, went to stanford, majored in communications.

What he had to do was pivot, and you are saying that is what he did and that's one of the reasons -- he did.

Speaking in different voices.

That is what is fascinating, writes?

To employ these different voices for different audiences depending on what the audiences.

If you look at his twitter comments.

Very much in character with the audience there.

The interviews after that, he is much more calm, appropriate for the moments.

I think as you look at an employee or trying to find an employee, being able to match the context is writable.

That you think this is planned possibly?

But this is part of is persona.

The beats by dr.

Dre commercial was already out.

This played into that.

I think one of his idols was mohammed ali.

I think he was waiting for that moment to speak his mind.

[indiscernible] right?

[laughter] wanting to break through the clutter and make sure you have a good message, you think being able to tailor his message, get it out there a few silly, cheaply -- it cost him nothing to make that statement at the end, right?

Cost him nothing.

Also, you have to be controversial, timely, have an opinion.

This is a very polarized conversation about richard sherman, culture, even about race.

The photo of him in the article, as we have learned over time, is really critical to get marketers to be successful.

Speaking of pivot, let's talk about your business, the digital ad business.

For your parent company -- and every big ad agency now -- they have been beefing up their digital business.

If you are looking at a richard sherman for example and eats by dr.

Dre -- beats by dr.

Dre, what do telik lion when a spokesman has done something like this?

-- what do you tell a client when a spokesman is done something like this?

You have to be honest.

You have to get into the conversation.

At the grammys, feral --pharrel l had a hat on.

Arby's tweeted "can we have our hat back?" that's not something you can plan.

The fact that rb said someone smart enough and creative enough to write that in the moment and have approvals on the agency side, and the client, that's what you need to do.

Does it cut into the promise of your business that when you have people able to do this for free -- you have someone like richard sherman who doesn't have an agency.

Maybe he did.

As far as we know, he is going to the cameras and talking on his own.

It is easier than ever to reach a huge audience without having someone messaging for you.

It is quality and quantity.

We look at having people 100% focused on what is going on with social media, having professional writers and copywriters and designers who will adopt and create for the moment.

So maybe, maybe the secret to advertising on twitter is not actually to advertise, right?

There is so little real estate.

Maybe it is this thinking.

Yeah, you have to tailor to the brand and the products and the audience.

But how do you get paid?

You are an ad guy.

What is interesting is following along before, during, and after the tweets, to see how the message is and respond to that.

That is not something the average person is able to do.

You have to take those metrics and understand it.

We bring the client end, we have those agreements.

What is it worth to have a like, a connection?

How much does it cost to acquire that metric?

In other words, it is really going ad centric?


You know how great the trade is -- you just look in your rearview mirror.

Shane atkinson -- achinson -- i shouldn't say "of possible." you are the ceo of possible.

I like that name.

"of possible." thank you for helping us see what is possible.

Dan roth will stay with us.

We will challenge them to a game of word association, up next.

? all right.

Take a look at where the markets are trading right now.

The happy dow jones industrials trading up at 155. the at -- the s&p up one and a quarter percent.

A lot of green on the screen.

This week was down at one point for the year, what, it's percent almost?

That's right.

We have cut that by more than half, now 2.8% for the year.

Health care, industrials.

People still buying gold interestingly.

Gold was for the first time -- was down for the first time in 12 years last year.

You take anything far enough, it will find buyers.

Maybe that is what happened with the s&p. could be.

Time for word association.

Why don't i take it all for you, dan?

I want to start with the biggest influencer.

Richard branson.


First of all -- 3 million followers, over 3 million dollars.

The guy, everything he writes turns to gold.

If he writes if you paragraphs while he is sitting in a hammock on an island, boom.

More followers.

People want to be richard branson.

Is that what it is?

An aspirational thing?


He is the ultimate disrupt her, right?

He changed the way people bought music.

He changed the way people could fly, get quality service in the air.

Yes, absolutely.

Looking at hotels, other things.

You see branson moving into a whole bunch of areas.

The virgin brand is so strong.

You do not see a lot of france where one person is though intimately tied with it.

Conan o'brien.


He is very funny.

Incredible to work with, by the way on his pieces which are all work related.

He talks about how the professional world is changing.

He comes in and sticks a little knife in there or pulls out one genuine file and the whole thing falls down, making fun of interns, his profile, the other influencers, talking about it.

I think the credo reacts well.

Here is the next one.

James gone, not the actor.

-- james kahn.

Not the actor.

Who is this guy?

He is huge in europe.

Who is he?

He's a very well known ad guy.

He is cuban like in that he will say on most anything.

He is not afraid to share his opinion and he has a tv show and the u.k. he is mark cuban.

There are no editors -- if you are on twitter or linkedin.

You put it out there.

It resonates.

That's exactly what your guys are doing.

And they get really upset if it does not resonate.

The data is the editor for them.

I come back and say, why did this story do well?

A lot of comments going back and forth.

Jamie dimon.

I'm going to say economy.

How about that?

[laughter] jamie dimon is another one who is -- he manages to get, when he writes certain things, he wrote about the economy.

People were not thrilled with what he said because he said the economy is doing great.

He said, from where i sit in nebraska, it's not doing great.


fatcat banker.

But people respond very well.

People understand what he is doing.

He is building up of following.

He's working on it.

This guy saved the economy, then got tarred for it.

He's done a lot of good things.

A lot of bad things.

I would be very curious to see in 20 years when we look back on jamie diamond, how we judge him.

Speaking of legacy, this guy is just beginning building is.

-- can i say this?

This is what i would say to get an angry tweet from them right now.

Ben smith -- he wants to be bigger than "the new york times your co--- "the new york times." he's doing it with great stories about politics and business and gay, lesbian issues.

You say "bigger than new york times." you are talking about influence.


Look how many people use busby.

They read it and they stick with it.

Do you want mine?



Cbs -- cvs?

A place not to buy cigarettes.

And leadership.

They want to send the message to the world if this is where you come to get healthy, we're not going to let you get unhealthy.

And publicity.

They are doing something on the mental.

They are getting a lot of good pr.

A store gets good pr for not carrying an item.

It's incredible.

They dominated the news.

We're still talking about it.

Dan roth, one more -- not a word.

Another segment.

We're talking about no place like home.

Dan is joining us from linkedin.

We will be right back.

? welcome to "street smart." i am adam johnson.

We are here with our cohost, dan roth, jules and i are.

We are talking about founders and eeo's who have left their company and gone back.

An interesting trend.

Bill gates, michael dell, we could go on -- howard schultz.

What do you make of his move?

First, i think when a founder comes back it sends a signal to the workforce.

There is such desired -- especially if it's a really powerful founder like howard schultz.

One of the things he has done is said, i'm going to champion innovation.

When a founder comes back he or she can make a man's of the business and manager who stepped in can't. they can make wild calls.

They can push boundaries.

They can say, i know the numbers.

We would do x, y, or z. but we are not doing that.

Howard schultz said, we are not trying hard enough.

And no more breakfast food.

He said, i know it sells well.

It smells.

The store is about creating a great atmosphere.

I think it's cnn's -- it sends a message to the company of things are good enough that he does not have to be there or be involved at the same degree, that sends a pretty good message.

I think what bill gates is doing is a similar role.

He stepped down as chairman and he is getting more involved with the future of the company.

Howard schultz is not managing the numbers.

What he is managing his path.

I think people want to follow someone thinking about the path.

Michael dell, he's got itself cap ahead, doesn't he?

Oh, yeah.

Have to strip down to the dorm room basically.

Rebuilt from scratch.

It is going to be a fascinating story.

You look at michael and ag loudly.

They were not founders.

They came in because they wanted -- not because they wanted to get their hands dirty necessarily.

Jcpenney, you could argue that is in worse shape than proctoring granville -- proctor and gamble.

They were both beloved ceo's. when of the interesting things, when the workforce is feeling so down like there is no future, having someone like that come back in sends a huge signal.

Go back to steve jobs when he came back to apple.

How happy people were.

Terrified, also.

He was a terrifying guy.

Beyond simply going back, what do your influencers say about the role of the ceo from the top, setting that tone?

Basically the ceo needs to be a leader, not just a manager.

That is a very common one.

You look at them like the ceo at the nara -- at pa nera who talks about making sure the employees know the path.

That so important.

Dan roth, it has been a pleasure.

We will be back with the close.

? all right, welcome to "street smart." we have breaking news out of washington where treasury secretary jack lew -- let's go right to peter cook.

We are facing another debt ceiling showdown between republicans and regrets here.

Jack lew is reiterating to members of congress that it's time to act now.

He is updating his guidance on when the debt ceiling could be breached.

He says based on our most -- our best and most recent information "we are not confident the extraordinary measures we are now putting in place today will last be thursday, february 27." at that point the treasury would left -- be left with only cash on hand.

It is estimated that would be $50 billion.

That could be above or below that level depending what happens the next few weeks.

That will go out roughly in refunds from the iris at that point, also expenditures from the government nets -- from the irs at that point, also expenditures from the government arnett at that point.

The risk of default and not making payments would begin at that time.

Peter, it is julie.

Is the difference now it is a specific date, because he was already talking about the end of february here?

Is this just a way of ratcheting up pressure on republicans?

It is a way of ratcheting up pressure.

The previous guide was the best estimates it could come up with.

Now he has given to the best of my knowledge for the first time in this debt ceiling fight a specific date the government would potentially run out of darling authority, cash.

It is to light a fire under republicans and democrats to get this done.

No one wants this fight.

He is trying to get congress to move.

This is also going to be out of town, at least on paper -- the house will be out for about two weeks at the end of february, the senate as well.

They are running out of time if they want to get home for the presidents' day recess as well.

Amazing, isn't it?

We are right back where we were a few months ago.

Well be cross backs -- we know at the 11th hour and 59 minutes -- we can be pretty sure.

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