Why Politicians Buy Down-to-Earth American Cars

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June 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller examines the preference among U.S politics and to buy American cars and motorcycles on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

To protect against charges of elitism.

I'm joined by our bloomberg news car enthusiast, matt miller.

You have seen this trend on the streets.


You see politicians normally driving a certain kind of car or truck.

They are generally american cars only.

There are some exceptions, but few and far between.

They are also generally not the fanciest.

Charlie rangel had a cadillac.

Most are not driving super nice cadillacs or corvettes, but rather maybe a ford edge or a lincoln mkz, might even be a little too fancy.

There are some roles.

Congressmen are allowed to lease cars with taxpayer money.

They have to be lower emission vehicles.

Senators are not.

They have to pay for their own ride.

They also tend to pick less fancy, more american rides.

Did they a few years ago pick more expensive ones?


politicians have always generally american cars.

There has been this trend where they are their car in their ad campaigns.

So, tom wolfe, who is running for office in pennsylvania, famously used his jeep in his ad campaign.

His opponent, corbett, did an ad using a wolf jeep look-alike.

And a dogdge, super duty truck, pulling up next to the tiny jeep and saying, i have created 150,000 jobs and i am a big truck driver.

I'm pretty sure it is the dodge.

It has a lot to do with image.

That is a more powerful vehicle.

Certainly a muscle car there.

In motorcycles -- with cars coming you can choose any american make.

Ford, chevy, jeep.

With motorcycles, you're only allowed five harleys.

I don't know of any politician who drives anything other than a harlye.


there are a number of politicians that senators do not -- one is super, she drives a harley to a gun range in one of her commercials.

? if that is not a statement -- it just illustrates this trend.

Not only using cars, but bikes.

As far as branding yourself.

And connecting to the average american.

I think the average -- there's a politician who has $50 million last year, nine houses, but still drives a ford edge.

Bruce rouner, in illinois -- thank you so much.

. speaking about politicians and their rights, i want to bring in a scott rigell of virginia.

Before you went into the world of politics, your family owns dealerships.

What do you drive?

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