Why Passionate Workers are Key to Business Success

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June 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bill George, professor at Harvard Business School, discusses the factors creating a disconnect between workers and their companies and how re-engaging employees can improve production and boost a company’s bottom line. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on “Market Makers.”

30% engagement is a total disaster.

I had that confirmed the gallup institute.

This is a disaster.

What does it mean?

Are we not connected with our jobs?

We do not feel connected with the purpose of our organization.

We don't see how the bigger -- we don't see the bigger picture of how this is changing lives.

As i look at the problem, it goes a lot deeper.

Ever since 2009 we had the recession, we laid off a lot of people.

It was the people doing the work.

In we laid in a whole other layer of regulatory controls.

Certainly financial services but health care, energy, i.t.. the control is making it impressive.

There is so much growing pressure in short-term earnings that we have this whole cautery of minimal -- of middle management creating teams.

The focus is can you make your budget, can you make your revenues?

We haven't created nearly enough of value.

They are the ones who should be paid.

Are we putting too much on that job satisfaction?

When i was a little girl, my mom and dad were focused on getting a paycheck so they could put your kids through school.

I'm not sure my dad felt connected.

He was ok with that.

I don't think it has changed.

The millenial's want that connection.

They are very impatient area they want to see doesn't have a meeting.

I love the medtronic missions.

At every level the people doing the work, you go into the factory and know that one slip on a product someone can guide.

They don't want all these inspectors.

Breakthrough innovation is where the energy must be.

I think we diminish that and that is my big concern.

Are we overstating this?

Just yesterday the headline was that morgan stanley summer associates had a 90 21 chance of getting that job.

For all those people out there that don't get what banks do, they are still banging it down the door to get those jobs.

They are looking for the good jobs.

They would love to have those good jobs.

How good is morgan stanley or any other organization is only 30% are engaged?

It is not just getting it, it have -- it is what happens when you get there.

Why did they have to be engaged?

If you have people knocking down your door to work at goldman sachs, why do those companies have to engage hourly -- engaged?

They have people but we have warm bodies.

You don't want people doing the work.

People are enthused about their work, and excited about helping somebody make the money.

They are having a breakthrough in i.t.. that is what people want.

I think they deserve it.

I think way too many people are sitting in conference rooms and meetings.

So much money in the pharmaceutical industry.

They have an inspired their people.

90% is management, 10% leadership treated we are teaching too much technique, too many skills and not enough focus on how to lead.

We need sales leaders.

Don't you have a massive amount of pressure to answer to your shareholders you don't have time to go to an off-campus retreat?

You just have to deliver results.

The only way you are going to deliver long-term sustainable results is if you have inspired employees.

I can tell you they get inspired about saving a life, they get inspired about making a great product or providing a great surface -- great service.

If you're going earnings per share you aren't totally going to turn your employee is off.

Really fascinating

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